April 21, 2015

March 2015...promoting Beyond the Mask

Of course you have heard of Beyond the Mask? 

Well, in March my siblings and I, as well as some friends spent a few days helping the Burns with shipping promotional materials to the theater captains around the US! It was fun to read all the names and addresses...we even sent a box to ''North Pole, Alaska''! :) 
Promotional ''tickets'' for the theater captains

T-shirts for theater captains

Dozens of empty boxes!

Fun busy-ness...we had quite the speedy system going, Lindsey, Ben, Mrs. S. and I! 
Of course the others tried their best as well... ;) 

Also that weekend, we spent some fun hours promoting the film with hundreds of conference attendees at a local homeschool conference! I just might be going into sales after this...it was really fun. :)
getting set up

A pretty nice poster, I must say!

Peter Saffa has things all under control here... ;)

Speaking of, this is Peter's masterpiece. It's kind of spooky. 

Folks! It's your favorite salesman....Sam!
I so do not trust him. 

This is more what I looked like....
''excuse me, would you like a flyer?Oh, but you would like a flyer! Please take a flyer!''


Sara, myself and Nikola

Peter, Grand rearranging things the start of the second day

A little guy watching the trailer :)


 When the conference was over, the Burns, Grant and we went to Westport Plaza on our way home to relax with some Panera's...
I had never been to Westport Plaza before. (feeling sheepish) It was delightful.

My very own Westport Plaza selfie

The view from the tower was beautiful! 
I could live here. :)

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