February 12, 2014

Tamburitzans Promo video!

This is the folk dance group we discovered several years ago and will never tire of!!! :)

  I am SO excited that they came up with this beautiful promo video-complete with words from current Tamburitzan performers- whom we've met ;) ....NOW you can finally see why we love the Duquesne University Tamburitzans; America's premier folk ensemble!

What do you think of them? (of course these are just selections from last year's and the present season's shows!)

February 7, 2014

Tamburitzans...gypsy 2013

The gypsy number which was the finale of the Duquense University Tamburitzans most recent performance was one of the most brilliant dances they've ever presented.
The costumes- Slovak gypsy-  are absolutely beautiful, and the choreography was splendid.

A different dance they have done with the lovely costumes:

I forgot my extra (and my best) battery for my camera...talk about tragic! Yet: I got to really watch the fascinating show to the fullest; only taking a few pictures per number. These portraits Sam captured. I love them!
I wish I had this costume...and I wish I looked like that! :)

Milos pulls off a great gypsy look ;)

before the encore....
....and after: 
Laura-Lise and I put together gypsy outfits... :) I know I'm a little old to be dressing up. But there are things one can do when one looks ten years younger than ones age...
 We always appreciate the Tammies taking a couple moments for pictures with us, their faithful fans!
With John Harbist, Emily Khninicky and Vassili Bushonow! 
Laura-Lise and Emily

I love gypsy dancing! This video is poor quality, but it's what the Tamburitzans let you see for free on their YouTube. (they sell great quality DVDs of their shows on their website) For their 75th season anniversary show in Pittsburgh, they had a great amount of alumna come back and dance with them. 
I would have loved to have seen that.
ROMALE!!! :)