April 21, 2015

March 2015...promoting Beyond the Mask

Of course you have heard of Beyond the Mask? 

Well, in March my siblings and I, as well as some friends spent a few days helping the Burns with shipping promotional materials to the theater captains around the US! It was fun to read all the names and addresses...we even sent a box to ''North Pole, Alaska''! :) 
Promotional ''tickets'' for the theater captains

T-shirts for theater captains

Dozens of empty boxes!

Fun busy-ness...we had quite the speedy system going, Lindsey, Ben, Mrs. S. and I! 
Of course the others tried their best as well... ;) 

Also that weekend, we spent some fun hours promoting the film with hundreds of conference attendees at a local homeschool conference! I just might be going into sales after this...it was really fun. :)
getting set up

A pretty nice poster, I must say!

Peter Saffa has things all under control here... ;)

Speaking of, this is Peter's masterpiece. It's kind of spooky. 

Folks! It's your favorite salesman....Sam!
I so do not trust him. 

This is more what I looked like....
''excuse me, would you like a flyer?Oh, but you would like a flyer! Please take a flyer!''


Sara, myself and Nikola

Peter, Grand rearranging things the start of the second day

A little guy watching the trailer :)


 When the conference was over, the Burns, Grant and we went to Westport Plaza on our way home to relax with some Panera's...
I had never been to Westport Plaza before. (feeling sheepish) It was delightful.

My very own Westport Plaza selfie

The view from the tower was beautiful! 
I could live here. :)

April 20, 2015

A dolls' St. Patrick's day 2015

After doing a successful little dolls' Valentine's party, I promised Katia (8) that the next event would be a dolls' St. Patrick's breakfast...So on March 13th I got up (I make it sound like an unusual feat, don't I) and unpacked my little Irish things (from my 10th birthday :)) 

(insert photo of honorable 10th birthday):
I suppose I look about 3 years older now. ;p

When Katia saw what I was doing, she insisted upon helping. 
                    My childhood dolls (and bear) were excited to attend a party again. :)
                                       Of course they were all decked out in green....

Tien Pao and Sammy tried very hard to not crash the party...but considering their wardrobe choices, I'm not sure what to think. Supposedly they were short on green vestments.

Now..to make you hungry and to inspire you to return to my blog for the recipes when I share them...
Minty coconut patties...  made with stevia. As in... no sugar! :) 

Little scones

Healthy orange ''jello'' :) Recipe to come...
I juiced carrots, apples, etc. and mixed with gelatin and honey.

Unhealthy shortbread cookies :)

Healthy. Don't hurt their feelings. They tried their best and actually tasted good. 

Healthy trifle...my favorite :)
Recipe to come some time


   It was a pleasant little morning...I'm so proud of myself for not forcing my dear family to consume some overly green concoction such as....
(assurance: this photo was found online. I may love green, but I don't go that far)

This is as far as I've ever gone.... ;)
(photo from 2011)

Of courseth, around St. Patrick's day we watched Riverdance! :) 

LOVE Riverdance :)

April 8, 2015

A dance in March

There is another dance coming up this week, so I thought I would post pictures from the March dance with friends before...well before 
1) we go to a new dance and forget all about March's
2) Furthermore, we aren't interested in seeing pictures from March's dance
3) we get totally confused when the Mazzou posts pics from a March dance when we've just attended an April one...
In other words, for your sanity, here are pics from the March dance. :) 
Lots of friends attended!
I love those first two shots! 

Our Dad looks mischievous :)

Sweet :) 

Baby with her Auntie!

(these siblings were so much fun to watch dance :) )

So happy Ellie joined us at this dance!!!


I loved this girl's style!

Had to take a picture of these two! :)