February 8, 2016

Sweetened with Stevia: Mazzou's Super healthy Orange Raspberry Sourdough Coconut Muffins for Valentines!

Mazzou's Sourdough Coconut Flour Stevia Muffins!
Start your sourdough starter TODAY if you want to make these muffins for Valentine's 2016! :)

My diet is getting stricter and stricter but I refuse to let it become boring. I no longer eat any unsoaked grains or nuts and like to stick with rye especially. Which makes desserts few and far between...unless I come up with a miraculous creation, that is!
When I was 8 years old, I was dubbed Marjo the muffin girl and I am loathe to give up that title! My family eats regular muffins, so I finally perfected a sourdough version for myself! You can do the flour-soaked-overnight thing like I used to but this sourdough version sure wins for the least amount of phytic acid! Enjoy.

2 eggs, preferably fresh free range- room temperature.
1 cup sourdough starter past the ''bubbly'' stage. (if you are in a hurry to make this recipe, don't worry about letting your starter sit the usual recommended amount of days- 4 days should be fine for these muffins.)
1/3- 1/2 cup coconut flour (or ground unsweetened coconut!)
1/8 tsp. sea salt
1 tsp. powdered stevia (we buy ours in a lb. bag from Vitacost.com. click on that referral link to get $10 if you are a new customer!)
1/4 cup coconut oil (or butter if desired)
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. vanilla
Zest of 1 orange (or a half if desired)

Beat both eggs until doubled in volume. Add coconut flour, stevia, coconut oil, baking soda, vanilla and orange zest.

Bake at 300 until set and a toothpick comes out fairly clean
Makes about 6 muffins. I have not yet tried to double this recipe; it may work better to do two batches if you wish for more muffins as the smaller the batter the lighter it is.

Tip: This batter also makes lovely pancakes!
Sourdough Coconut Flour Muffins with Stevia 

Confession: After I beat my eggs, I often just dump the ingredients in as I think of them. ;) And the muffins come out delicious every time. Just make sure you don't have any baking soda lumps!

Optional: fill each muffin cup half full, place a whole fresh or frozen raspberry in the center; top with remaining batter.
Or, do 1/2 a raspberry and a previously chilled coconut carob ball (recipe to come!)- delicious!

January 20, 2016

New Year's Ball 2016

Welcome back to my blog! 
I hope you had a wonderful 2015 and will have a great 2016!
I am excited about this year...for one thing, it's an even number and for another thing it has a six in it...and it could be considered ''sweet 2016'' so we're good.

   It is fitting that my first blog post of 2016 be about the first evening of 2016...
yes, January 1st found us at another New Year's Ball! 

Again, our friends who hosted it did an unbelievable job of decorating the gymnasium, transforming it into a ballroom! 
For clarification, this is very important to some people. 
My childhood would have been more complete if I had gotten to waltz under a myriad of twinkling lights..........
....my childhood would have been more complete if I had known how to waltz period. 
But we are belaboring the point. It was a beautiful evening filled with dancing.
                                      (see what I meant about the lights? a canopy of stars!)
I managed to capture a semblance of some of us that night...

(Elodie - sporting her new haircut I might add!)
Jessica below:

                   The kind of selfie I take (a little more trouble but definitely more exercise and it certainly makes the nose look smaller than regular selfies, don't you think? )

   I would happily mention that my dress only cost 69 cents but I have an unreasonable terror of people automatically thinking ''and I can tell'' so I will refrain from publicizing this important and glorious fact. 


 We so appreciate all the decorating our hosts do to make this evening elegant!

Time to dance!....

(Juice of Barley) 
(a favourite: Irish Washerwoman) 

(Ship's Cook ;) )

how to edit blurry pictures to make them lovely! :) 

(another favourite dance: Laura's Waltz featuring our sister Nikola and brother Sam and friends Lindsey & Chadwick and Scott & Hannah)


husbands take note of this chivalrous gesture

Jeremy our amazing dance caller and his wife- love them!

So, that was how our first day of 2016 ended! How about you? 
Since this is a first post after what seems like half a year of quiet on the blog I would love to hear from whatever readers I have left! :) 

Have a lovely day!

October 8, 2015

Memories of summer...July 2015

Scared you, didn't I?
You probably thought I was a goner! But no, I am here...at least I think I am. 
I'm just running out of time for blogging in this crazy life! 

Teenagers, take heed: you may think that you are busy now...but it gets even busier!
 It's fascinating how when you're in school and highschool you have like two things to think about: school and after-school (which could still be school, depending on who you are)...and you think your life is busy. 
the Rest of Life starts. 
And it there is so much to do! 
And Worse, there is so much you Want to do!
 Even worse, what you Want to do is generally Good to do....you just don't have time....

And suddenly, when you thought summer had just begun, it disappears and is swallowed by the intense sunshine of Autumn.
And you are left with another group of memories...

Our fourth of July meal together (minus Valerie who was off dining on lobster and ice cream and taking walks with kiddies by the sea! and got paid for it.) 

Yes! I tried it! I tried it! And it only slightly fell apart :) So pleased. 
Note how I added blanched almonds in the blue portion to account as stars. Nobody else had that idea, but think I ''what is the American flag without stars?'' so I adds stars. 

Summertime= homemade hamburgers :) They may be impossible to eat in one piece but they sure are yummy. 

We went to watch the fireworks as we always do. Our oldest sister Valerie was in Massachusetts as a part of her job but the rest of us were together and we relaxed on the cool grass and watched the explosions of light. 
We had brought along a package of glow stick bracelets and handed them over to the youngest two choose a couple. 
 After a few minutes, we look over and Laura-Lise had cracked every single one.
  every single one 
She was surrounded by a glowing mass of colorful hoops and I am so glad none of us had thought to put a limit to the night's amount of glowstick beauty. 
Because mistakes like that are a part of childhood. 
And they make childhood beautiful. 

If you've never been to the Old Courthouse at the Jefferson National Expansion memorial around the 4th of July, you should go! It's really impressive...

fascinating shot, Elodie!


city streets (love!)


Another event in July was a gathering at Art Hill where we picnicked and watched the classic Sound of Music film on a large (inflatable- recipe for a semi-disaster if you ask me!) screen....


racing with a friend

because we always bring a random ball or two...they played ball. forgetting what movie we were about to watch and how apparently the climatic scene in the film involves playing ball. A stranger came up to our group and pointed out with delight that they were playing the same game as in the movie! How...sweet. 
It was an absolutely perfect evening! Amazing temperatures, incredible and appropriately elegant view beyond the screen....in truth, the hill was alive with the sound of music! 
Only down moment: when I realized there were to be subtitles....I can't watch a movie for reading the subtitles when they are present! But we discovered various important facts. Such as, the Baroness' name is ''Elsa''! We've only watched The Sound of Music about 50 times...

To our delight, three of us girls worked a wedding at which were several people/families we knew! It was so fun to serve them..and spy on them...

N and J serving hor d'ouevres (I was working over in the reception hall kitchen. that's why I'm....outside...taking pictures...) and oh! to the right is a guy I graduated from highschool with... small world. 
There is something so fun about watching your friends come as guests to your workplace...we also got to re-meet and catch up with a girl we knew years ago (as in over 10 years) and with whom we'd lost touch! 
Back home....just a pile of library books which I am super excited about! How come it took me so long to request world war 2 biographies and autobiographies (my favorite!) from the library? 
4,322 pages of history! I find it crucial that we understand what our forefathers went through during world war 2...so we can appreciate as well as learn from the mistakes and sins of the world. 

just a random daily walk around the yard In Which We Nearly Step On a Black Racer and In Which Alexandre Promptly Totes It Around For The Remainder of The Walk.

I will close with these adorable pictures which are good representations of summer...
(taken at a friend's graduation party)