July 2, 2015

Memorial Day 2015 celebration!

   Here, folks, is a post full of pictures from the 2015 Memorial Day party! It goes against my organized soul to do this post before publishing the other event of May, but it seemed to suit this weekend's patriotic celebration more so than mother's day pictures! 

   Plenty of people pictures, red and white and blue (but mostly red) hues and summer fun....

There were a couple presentations, prayer time and patriotic hymn-singing: 

A glimpse of the caramel banana walnut pie I made

After the meal and presentation, it was time for the games to begin! And when I say games, let me tell you this family knows how to plan unusual and entirely fun games!
From the most strenuous and exciting tug-of-war match to water balloon toss and water balloon dodgeball....we've done it all. And generally at one party, too! :)
Water balloon toss with a partner- each round the couples had to take a step backward, thus successfully eliminating much of the population.
   Is it a coincidence that, out of the many competitors these 3 are the last standing? Hmm...

Nikola and Zoe (SO glad you girls were at the party too!!!) 

I just think this picture is really neat!

''Auntie Sara'' with her nephew and niece (cousins) and sister in law (the mother of the wee lass)

(this family picture is just so cute)

power :)

Fun picture ;) I believe their water balloon burst before it really took off!

We also played this cruel game where the above pictured bombers had to try to hit a circle of people as they ran across the field! It was quite interesting. ;)
I really like this picture! Zoe: your hair is amazing! 

I close with this too-cute-for-words picture :) 

July 1, 2015

A dance/volleyball in May

As you may have previously noticed, I like to post pictures we take at the monthly English country dances with friends! This is one of the final posts for the summer since there is a break in English Country dances until September. 
 And we didn't get a bunch of pictures this time....(I think that means we got to dance a lot! :) )
I think Sam was a little tired... oh dear. ;) That's what happens when you work hard all week and all day and then attend a fun event! Only about half of you is awake...

What a little beauty!

Good times talking with friends....

Love talking with friends!!!

I'll end with an action shot...I have no idea what was going on in this pic! 

So, that was probably the shortest post in this dance series...but oh well! And I know you're eager for me to hurry on to more recent happenings such as... a wedding! :) 

June 29, 2015

Home life in May 2015

Hello, friends! 
This post will focus on things happening in the nearby vicinity of our abode...

Sadly, this is not our home! Rather, 'tis (only part of) the beautiful historic Larimore House! I get to be in this mansion every weekend, and then clean these historic rooms every Monday! Quite a privilege. I had some time during this particular wedding because it was an especially small group. The bride was from Holland the groom was Filipino! 
That night, the meal consisted of prime rib or lemony salmon with sides. There was mostly salsa music, and tulips adorned every table. It was neat how they planned the wedding to include a mixture of Dutch traditions as well as American. During the reception, all the guests from Holland sang some songs in Dutch for the bride. :) 

garden ceremony

Nikola watching the ceremony and waiting to serve hor d'oeuvres and our friend and fellow employee Hope serving punch

   You have to agree; this is such a beautiful place to spend the afternoon! It's even more lovely in real life, with the perfect setting sun, huge old trees and the elegant mansion in the background!
The hor d'oeuvres that Nikola and Hope prepared: Shrimp cocktails, bacon-wrapped sausages, salsa on chips, vegetable shooters in dip, garlic cheese ball and fruit 

Heading over to the reception hall, it was fun to see all the real tulips which a friendly Dutch couple brought from their tulip farm! (I assume the farm was in America but the couple had delightful Dutch accents)
It's too hard to get pictures when the lights are dim, but it was nice to watch the couples dancing- there were some very sweet Filipino couples :)

Back home....
Our two ducks :) 
ducky darling Jessie (I said that just to bother you, dear ;P )
Some time early in May, we took a walk at Fort Bellefontaine with Sara and Peter in honour of Peter's departure to Washington D.C! It was good to talk much again!
Interesting picture here. Kind of awkward since I'm the only one posing. ;P

Friend forever!

A Sunday afternoon smile :) I will always treasure Sunday afternoons, when we march out to the backyard armed with towels or chairs to sit upon and a sometimes overly-ambitious stack of good books to read! Not to mention our Bibles. And since we are all well-equipped with tongues and thoughts, sometimes we do quite a bit of discussing as well as reading! I don't know what I would do without Sundays. During the rest of the week, although one reads ones Bible daily, it's too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of what to do next to ''survive''!

On another note...
A little critter to brighten your day. This is our lovebird- after a bath evidently. 

Oh. Speaking of unusual creatures....we took a family stroll at Tower Grove Park one night and I thought I was having a funny spell when I looked over in the near distance and spotted this like 7-foot tall guy standing as still as a...post. For about 5 minutes. I know 'cause I couldn't stop staring. It was so spooky.
 That, friends is the difference between yoga and meditation. Man, I wish I could have done something to scare him. :P
    While we were there, we played some severely-lacking-in-talent volleyball with a vintage volleyball net. 
It's a good thing Sam was on our team; cause there is no way the ball would have gotten over the net without him!
action ;) Or non-action, depending on how you view it. I refuse to post the videos of us ''playing volleyball'' our Mum filmed in between laughs. ;)