November 22, 2013

Jeremy and Darcie's wedding...July 2013

   I don't have time to blog about all the photos I took at Jeremy and Darcie's special wedding!!! Just some favourites!
 But here is a link to the full album....Jeremy and Darcie's wedding

the beautiful maid of honor Leah (sister of the bride) and the groom, awaiting the entrance of the bride!

It is so beautiful beyond words to watch a wedding...especially the wedding of dear friends who are PERFECT for eachother!

the kiss! 
we didn't get much video, but Sam took a couple short scenes....the wedding party's exit was so fun!

 After the ceremony: I looked around and saw these small gentlemen behind us....

                            After, outside the church waiting for the bride and groom!

lovely, lovely

little Henry is SO fun to watch: 

yes, the couple took off on horses! :) Such a perfect idea....

 The guests hurried down the road to the bride's family's home for a delightful outdoor reception! The Lord blessed them with wonderful weather!

While waiting for the newly married couple, the guests played croquet games...


my sisters and a dear friend
the bride's parents and the couple
there were some speeches (toasts) and then the cake was cut!
the cake, made by the maid of honor and  another sister of the bride!

the best man Joshua

maid of honor Leah

the sweet table for the bride and groom!

Sisters enjoying the reception! 


friends talking
father of the groom
 This is too funny: before:
...and after: poor guy. looks like something that would happen to me.

Later on in the day, some people rode the family's steeds...

The bride changed into this darling and perfect dress for the more lively happenings of the reception time....running after horses, playing volleyball....
small gentleman

the joys of youth

           CONGRATULATIONS Jeremy and Darcie! You are so special!!!
May the Lord bless your marriage abundantly!