August 8, 2015

An Aussome birthday for a brother.... June 2015

    Hello peoples! I'm happy that you still read this blog! I really do love sharing pictures and memories with you and trust you gain a smile and perhaps some ideas from them as well!   

Are you ready for another birthday? Our June birthday is Alexandre' is always a fun challenge to create birthdays for boys! And of course that challenge only increases as they get older. 
But thankfully in our family birthdays are such a big thing that anybody and everybody enjoys their birthday table! 
And a great thing about our brothers is that they love details, they are interested in a wide amount of topics including nature, they appreciate effort and they also have fun with inside jokes...which really allows us a wide variety of themes to choose from! 
Alexandre's (that's French for Alexander) 15th birthday theme was...

For the inspiration for this birthday as well as the soundtrack, start this clip at 0:55 ! 
A recreation of that amazing portion in the above film clip....Australian rocks (don't expect this humble lump to be Ayers rock and you'll like it much better ;) ) with the field of brilliant blossoms:

     (note: many of the blossoms are paper but equally as many came from some wedding arrangements Jessie and I bravely lugged home after cleaning the wedding venue we work at! We had to go [clean] dumpster-diving for them and they weighed a ton to walk home with but it was worth it.    The children spent like 2 hours re-arranging our loot. I wish I had taken a picture of them it was so sweet. Alex, Laura-Lise and Katia all vying to create the most perfect bouquet out of secondhand flowers! Love my siblings. They're so creative.

Oh! Here's a little video from the birthday morning. We're kind of tame, but we love our birthday mornings anyway. :) Just some of us keep it nicely safe inside. :)

(We used several things we already owned such as a darling dried-up crocodile face.)

Jessie created these tucker bags and billy cans to suit the birthday. Surprisingly, drinking out of ''rusty'' (painted) cans was not everyone's cup of tea! Jessie was delighted by it, but some of us including Sam and I felt wrong about it. It's hard to tell in the above picture but Jessie also enthusiastically bent a whole set of forks (from the thriftstore I assure you) to make it look like they were...umm...well-used. ;) 

It was slightly disturbing to eat while being watched by these creatures

No Australian birthday would be complete without homemade Australian sausage rolls!

Yummy meringue bites :)
Nikola also created this cantaloupe turtle....or turtle cantaloupe (whichever way you prefer). The only problem was that whenever you reached in to grab a handful of cantaloupe balls, the turtle's head tragically fell off....

     Birthday boy- we always go fishing on his special day and I really am impressed by the patience my younger siblings all exhibit as they sit there for hours....waiting on a bite... I prefer to read a couple of books or write in me journal. :) 

                                                                             Jessie :)

Interesting, Elodie ;P

We found this adorable, darling, fuzzy being in a dear little hole on the bank! I can't believe how sweet these critters are. To think: God didn't have to make things this cute but He did!

A snake out for an afternoon stroll

Placing hooks on lines or something

Relaxing in the's summertime! 

AHH....I LOVE God's creation!!!!

 When Elodie mans a camera, all sorts of interesting pictures end up on it. She is incredibly observant. Okay- we all are...but some people even more so than others! I hope you all know the exciting art of.... people watching! It's fascinating. And just think: you may believe you and your family are the centre of the universe, but actually there are thousands more people who feel the same way! Just ponder that a while....
Daddy and daughters out for the afternoon :)

So sweet!

A little lass fishing...

until Uncle Tom comes along and decides he can do better...

Resigned to watching Uncle Tom do better...

while surrounded by flying hooks....

the drama ends happily with Flossie peacefully fishing for herself again

Elsewhere along the shore....big brother and little brother :)

And Sam

Back home....we have (after supper), CAKE! 
'Twas a carrot cake which Nikola decorated with none other than a Kangaroo! Oh- it's meant to be a ''kangaroo crossing'' sign. Don't worry if you didn't get that right away. Half our family didn't either. Perhaps because of the lack of such signs in our neighbourhood?


Happy Birthday Alexandre!!!
Thanks for being born so we could have a June birthday! ;)

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