August 27, 2015

Grant's graduation party June 2015

Hello! Here are some pictures from a party we enjoyed in June- 'twas a graduation party for Grant who is a friend from childhood and onwards! It is great to see friends grow up and become amazing peoples. Grant is a very talented musician and singer. Speaking of, here is a video of him playing the piano at Meghan and Jesse's wedding! (Seeing as I don't seem to have any photos of the graduate himself at his own party- oops)

The party was, to our delight, on a Thursday evening which enabled all of us to attend!
It was held on such a perfect day at a great location!

An unusual way to converse :) 

This is the kind of picture that ends up in a magazine the next morning.... ''director Chad Burns takes a moment from the busy set to swing with his young daughter''...only, it would probably be more like ''director Chad Burns stormed off set last night after an argument with his leading actor and has absconded to his private island where he spends the day swinging with his family.''

And there was volleyball.
I don't know why I even state that all-too-obvious fact. 
If there are people, there are volleyball games. Apparently. 

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