January 20, 2016

New Year's Ball 2016

Welcome back to my blog! 
I hope you had a wonderful 2015 and will have a great 2016!
I am excited about this year...for one thing, it's an even number and for another thing it has a six in it...and it could be considered ''sweet 2016'' so we're good.

   It is fitting that my first blog post of 2016 be about the first evening of 2016...
yes, January 1st found us at another New Year's Ball! 

Again, our friends who hosted it did an unbelievable job of decorating the gymnasium, transforming it into a ballroom! 
For clarification, this is very important to some people. 
My childhood would have been more complete if I had gotten to waltz under a myriad of twinkling lights..........
....my childhood would have been more complete if I had known how to waltz period. 
But we are belaboring the point. It was a beautiful evening filled with dancing.
                                      (see what I meant about the lights? a canopy of stars!)
I managed to capture a semblance of some of us that night...

(Elodie - sporting her new haircut I might add!)
Jessica below:

                   The kind of selfie I take (a little more trouble but definitely more exercise and it certainly makes the nose look smaller than regular selfies, don't you think? )

   I would happily mention that my dress only cost 69 cents but I have an unreasonable terror of people automatically thinking ''and I can tell'' so I will refrain from publicizing this important and glorious fact. 


 We so appreciate all the decorating our hosts do to make this evening elegant!

Time to dance!....

(Juice of Barley) 
(a favourite: Irish Washerwoman) 

(Ship's Cook ;) )

how to edit blurry pictures to make them lovely! :) 

(another favourite dance: Laura's Waltz featuring our sister Nikola and brother Sam and friends Lindsey & Chadwick and Scott & Hannah)


husbands take note of this chivalrous gesture

Jeremy our amazing dance caller and his wife- love them!

So, that was how our first day of 2016 ended! How about you? 
Since this is a first post after what seems like half a year of quiet on the blog I would love to hear from whatever readers I have left! :) 

Have a lovely day!