March 26, 2015

An elegant New Year's Ball January 2015

 A myriad of twinkling lights...the strains of lovely music...ladies in graceful gowns of satin or in their finest....invigorating conversation...tasty tidbits of can photos express the atmosphere of such an occasion? 
The middle sisters: Marjolaine, Elodie, Laura-Lise, Jessica
  The New Years Ball we attended on January 2nd 2015 was the closest thing to the type of ball pictured in films or classic literature that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! 
   It was the kind of event where every girl felt like a princess, and acted as such. 
I don't know what the guys felt like, but they acted like gentlemen. 
Overall, it was a wonderful night.

Our hosts set up this lovely setting in front of which to take pictures! I'm glad I remembered to snap a few of those of us who were available!

Our wonderful hosts!
We are so grateful to them for all that they do in setting up such lovely events as this ball.
The hallway was transformed into a ''white way of delight'' ;)

Laura-Lise being...herself! :) 

Lindsey always has beautiful hairstyles!
Thanks to Mrs. Wong for this picture of Nikola and me!
(I just have to mention that this is my very first store-bought dress...I found it at the thriftstore on a half-off day- it was less than $4! Of course yellow isn't my color, but I love it too much to care :) Nikola made her dress as the trial for Valerie's bridesmaid's dress for Lisa Burns-now-Lewis's wedding in 2011)
Speaking of, there is Valerie wearing the mentioned gown!
Love these girls! Sara, Brittany (and me)
More sweet girls we know
Table decor

Friends talking with Darcie (doesn't she look cute!
 I'm pretty sure every woman there envied her!)

With my friend Michelle. It was delightful having most of our friends in one spot!

...and learning dances

Since the theme of this ball was ''regency'', there were some very lovely costumes of that time period! 

A lesson to you to not delete all your blurry pictures :)


Bare Necessities. By the way, this lighting is so NOT what it was that night. It was much darker and...twinklier 

Trip to town-o


 Me :P I was apparently terrified of the tree in the first picture....then tried to pose in the second. But with hundreds of people surrounding one, it's difficult to get in the ''lost in the snowy woods'' mood! Just try it sometime.

It may  come as no surprise that the event closed with the dance we call the Scottish;

 Trying to get interesting pictures....with new angles and such...
Umm...maybe not.

If you would like to see more beautiful pictures from the night, do visit Andrew's post!
And you can also see many dance videos from the night by visiting here!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! (Many of you may have already seen them since I shared the albums earlier) And I am confident that this post wasn't too ill-suited to the balmy spring weather we are experiencing this week! A ball is never out of season...even if it is a New Years ball decorated with snowflakes. ;)

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