March 7, 2015

The end of December: good times with friends

Feeling slightly rushed to finish posting about December before spring arrives, here goes...
We are almost done! :) 
(Although I miss Christmas-time, it won't do at all to be posting Christmas pictures in April. :) )
I hope you find it easier and more convenient to read individual blog posts instead of one mile-long post about the month. 
I think it's tidier. 
I'm all for tidier.
so I'm sticking to this new method. 
Besides, this way I can grab your attention by titling each post according to its contents instead of simply ''December 2014''. 

   The last week of December found us helping friends create dozens of paper snowflakes for an upcoming ball's decor! 
Crafting is always a good excuse for random and trivial conversation, something I haven't done in a while. 
Wait. That was deceitful. 
I have been random. And I'm often trivial. 
But I haven't indulged in both while crafting since...cookie making. 
And this year that wasn't exactly trivial conversation
 (you had to be there to know what I mean). 

The very same night, other friends hosted a movie night which was unusually fun. :) 
The movie? The Muppet's Christmas Carol. ;) 
My first time as a sane adult. 
(I was terrified of it as a wee one)
One of the best parts of the evening was watching the little's expressions of fascination and terror. Poor things. The quantities of popcorn they spilled in moments of shock was evidence of the fear they endured
(and don't worry, they made sure the popcorn didn't go to waste).

   The room abounded with rambunctious, overly-popcorn-stuffed children, oddly dressed friends and brown-cloaked hoodlums. (you can spot the latter gliding past my unsuspecting brother in the photo)

The 21st's century's version of pajamas: basically ''homeless''. 

Jessica brought along this huge bear she has, and I happened to spot this little guy when he discovered it! Too sweet. :) 

If that doesn't melt your heart....

Seriously, Katia? I believe someone had just landed on her finger. There was an unreasonable amount of violence that night amongst the littles. 

To conclude this post, I thought I'd cover New Year's Eve since the pictures aren't worthy of a post solely to themselves....
We always have Chinese food on New Year's Eve! 
The favorite for years has been the deliciously-oily deep-fried chicken or shrimp...or those little crispy noodles...

I created my own rendition of deep-fried chicken bites! They were amazing. :) 
I can't eat commercial Chinese food on account of the msg, etc. but homemade Chinese food.... :) 
I also made sweet and sour chicken bites, fried rice and even tried whole wheat fortune cookies for Katia and Jessie. 
My gingery fried rice :) 

And....after, we watched our movies! 
Before supper, the children (I can't believe there are only 2 left in our family which used to abound with wee ones!) watched Toby Tyler. 
After, once the 2 youngest were in bed we watched The Desert Rats, which was a good black and white world war two war movie. War films are great but not as relational so I was especially delighted that we concluded the evening (or morning, however you view it) with Twelve Angry Men. With twelve characters to study, and full of discussion/argument  it is our kind of movie! :) 

The next night we watched Alaska,  a new movie for Laura-Lise (who is in that unfortunate stage of too old for Katia's favorite movies and too young for ours)...and of course you know how winter is. Cozy nights with movies and such.
One of the reasons why I love it so much.

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