August 15, 2015

My Fair Lady at the Muny! June 2015

A few of my favorite childhood summer memories were going with our Mum to the Muny! We saw such classics as The King and I, Showboat and more...I remember being so engrossed in the King and I (although I had already seen the movie) as I watched it through binoculars that I urgently expressed my worries over the story aloud, much to the amusement of ladies around (My 7-year old self was viewing the drama through binoculars and was very into the disappointing tale).

Well somehow, years passed and the last Muny show I experienced was far too long ago! 

However when I saw this year's program  and especially when my friend Sara planned to make it to the opening night I knew I had to go this summer! 
I really wanted my other sisters to come as well but they were preparing for a certain wedding. ;) And Valerie was nanny-ing that night.
So I had Sara all to myself for the 3 hours preceding the show. :)
And there wasn't a moment of silence, I assure you. ;P
It rained for those first hours, but miraculously cleared up right in time for us to find our (Free) seats! What fun! 

 I was totally delighted with the evening! Here are Sara and I with another friend Katelyn who we got to sit with!

Oh! And without realizing it...I got to see Anthony Andrews live! All I knew was that I was watching a remarkably good actor who played Rex Harrison's role wonderfully! And later I discovered 'twas this Anthony Andrews who is British himself! 
Anyhow- he and the actor for the Colonel were excellent! Eliza's actress was not Audrey Hepburn...but she was good as well! :)

One is not allowed to take photos during the I took 'em before. ;) 

I decided to give Sara a break from my chatter (Like a 5-minute break) and so I people-watched....

These young people had to wipe off all the chairs! 
of course ours didn't get dried....but we managed....

I take pictures like this because you never know whom you might eventually meet....of course these folks are the posh paying sort....while I belong in the wait-three-hours-to-get-free-seats category....

The library set...I like the colors but am still confused about the paintings....

During intermission....
One disappointment during the show was that before intermission Eliza is presented in her gorgeous ball gown....and after intermission the show continues with the scene following the ball. :( I understand completely....but I do love ball scenes!

So happy we got to do this! Yay for summer memories! 
And the drive home was fun as well. ;P 
(discovering we were out of gas....getting lost in St. Louis....yup that's the way to end a late night at the Muny!)

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