August 5, 2015

The Wedding of Jesse and Meghan! June 2015

   June 20th 2015...the wedding day of two long-time friends of ours: Meghan and Jesse!
It has been amazing to watch their relationship grow over the past couple years...although young, they are both mature and want to glorify God through their marriage.
  There is something extremely special about seeing two young people whom you knew since they were very small (as in about 7 years old!) grow up and get married. For some reason, I missed all the signs that Meghan and Jesse were meant for each other, so you can imagine our surprise when the idea was made known to us... :) I'm still rather in awe of what God does in peoples lives!

  Meghan and Jesse's wedding was near the end of June and after a week of consistent rain, it was a miracle to see the sun shining bright!
   Our own Jessica was in the bridal party and our sister Elodie also went along for the rehearsal and preparations so we have plenty of photographs to share! Since I was unable to attend the reception, I got my amazing brother to bring me to the wedding an hour early so I could watch the girls prepare themselves as well! :)
As for blogging, we're starting with the wedding day, rather than the rehearsal evening as I know some people are eager to see pictures of the ceremony! Enjoy :)
The preparation pictures were taken by Elodie and me; ceremony pictures mostly taken by Sam.
So pretty!

A multi-colored assortment of bridesmaid dresses! Meghan has many dear friends and it was fun to see how she incorporated them in to her wedding! It was definitely a wise plan to have each girl wear a different color and style! They were each allowed to choose a color to wear, and picked out or made their own dress. 

Sara :)

Lindsey and Sara; they both made their dresses!

Have you ever seen a cuter bridesmaid? :)
That hair! Lindsey continues to amaze us with her talent....

Leah helping Ellie get ready. Although the bride let her young sister be both flower girl and maid of honor (so sweet!), Leah was also maid of honor.....and as an important side note, Leah's own wedding is coming up soon! :)  :) :)

Handing out the bouquets :)
It was so fun to be a spectator; surprisingly these girls were all so calm and fun together! It helps that they are all close friends!

The bride's little sister and maid of honor attaches her train

Watching a slideshow before the ceremony

Grant Beckmann played all the music for the wedding; he always does an amazing job! 
I was delighted when he began playing my favorite piece from the Beyond the Mask movie soundtrack! So beautiful: 

The processional: 

Amelia (friend of the couple) and Jacob (brother of the groom)

Alle (cousin of the bride) and Joel (brother of the groom)

A sister of the groom and Michael (friend)
Jessica (as in my sister Jessie!- friend of the couple) and Mike (brother of the bride)

Elizabeth (friend of the bride) and Luke (brother of the bride)

Lindsey (friend) and Benjamin (brother of the bride)

...and the lovely bride enters on her father's arm: 

 (a little video with footage from the wedding!)

The sermon for this wedding was especially good; full of Biblical truth and wisdom! 

Look at that train! So lovely!





Pouring sand together

The bride's parents watching :)

                                                                    Exchanging the rings:
                                                 (I so love this picture! It's so classic)

                                                                     And....the kiss!

The new Mr. and Mrs! I love the joy on their faces!

So cute....ready for life together forever!


celebrating in the foyer

I had to snap a picture with two of my favorite bridesmaids: Jessica and Sara!
And because my brother and I hang around together and we have cameras....there are more pictures of me. ;P Such as this one which I like 'cause it looks like I'm in the city and like some paparazzi caught my famous self on film and it's going to end up on the front page of the newspaper the next day....

(with another favorite person! :) )

and thanks to Andrew, I got a picture with my favorite Sam brother! It's like the first since...
okay...maybe not. 
I just remembered another picture of us at another amazing wedding in 2011...

(Chad and Angie's wedding 2011) 
...but it certainly doesn't compare to these ones...

        I love these pictures! When you are gone off to war my dear brother, I shall keep and treasure this picture forever...

And thus concludes this particular post concerning the special wedding of two dear friends! To follow will be a post filled with fun reception well as a rehearsal post...oh! And Elodie took many professional-ish photos during the wedding portrait session! So....stay tuned. 


With a smile, 
Your very own Mazzou

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