September 1, 2015

A delightful Independence Day party 2015

On July 3rd, we went out to a friends' home in Illinois for a Independence Day gathering! Again, 'twas a beautiful day for which we were quite grateful!
We saw this hair idea on you-know-where and of course Jessica accomplished it on Katia's locks with no trouble at all! It's a star. 

these two! :) 

(lovely Daniele) 
The men gave some talks and read the Declaration of Independence

Lydia ponders patriotic thoughts

you're on camera! (a common enough occurrence in our house!)

+J. Andrew Wong  somehow, I really like this picture! It's fascinating. Elodie took it. 

Time for a picnic lunch supper thing!

I made these cold calzone thingys. 
Inside was a savory, perfect chicken filling. They were downed with the eater's choice of ketchup or mayonnaise and were accompanied by salad and fruit.

A creepy ad for mayonnaise, apparently

An ad for....paper bowls? (not in keeping with my character- I despise those bowls)

 So pretty!

Lunchtime :) 

and naptime :) 

Country boy! :)  I am quite fond of this picture and what it would portray if this little fellow lived here! :)
This little girl.... ;) 

When our appetites were satisfied, it was time to work it all off with a little activity...
Getting ready for the.... 3 (yes, that's correct)-legged races! But if I remember aright, the above picture is proof that these ambitious young ladies attempted a 6 (or was it more- you decide)-legged...walk. By the way, it was delightful getting to meet all you girls! :) 
so very lovely!

(picture from Andrew's post...I really like this photo of Ellie and Elodie!)

 And we mustn't forget the classic potato-sack race...


they look exactly like Piglet jumping (meaning, they look like Piglet when he jumps or rather hops) 

Jason didn't resemble Piglet.... ;) He was so fun to watch!

This is funny: 
(this is where the parents dropped off all their unruly children ;P )


Bring on the soccer, folks! This was a fun time! :) I think we ended up with our entire family (minus our Mum and Katia) in this game....  SOCCER!!! :)

This is quite an interesting picture considering there is no ball in sight!

          We reluctantly brought our rousing soccer game to a halt in order to dance a wee bit....

(another picture borrowed from Andrew's blog- do check his post out for yourself!)
Ah the details! Twinkle lights on a summer evening....beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by again! Do visit the post about this event on Andrew's blog for more pictures!

Oh, and the evening ended thus....  :)