May 21, 2015

April gardening work day

  Another normal day in April which could have been on the recent post concerning normal life in our family of late, but which was left out on account of the fact that it wasn't exactly home life per se, was a day in which we gardened for a couple of clients 
(if you understood that sentence then you are Intelligent)...
We garden for several people in these two areas semi-nearby but what made this day remarkable was: 
1. It was a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y gorgeous weather!!!
2. I had a migraine-ish thingy in the head.
3. I rarely have migraines
4. I did not eat breakfast that day (as usual)
5. Or lunch
Vegan Dark Chocolate Bars with Almonds (12 bars per box): 3-Pack
6. Yet I survived on Chocolate- and not your ordinary chocolate, but Mercola's Vegan chocolate bar! (if you have any extra cash, I highly recommend investing it in these here bars)
We got a bunch free (yup-the magic word!) with recent orders.
You get to decide whether this blog post is a review on Mercola's chocolate bars or a personal entry about our life. 
But these here chocolate bars whisked my headache away (despite working the hot sun!) by supper time! Miraculous ;)

7. And when the gardening day was done (6 pm-ish), we all toted ourselves home and I made hamburgers for supper! 
 So it was an awesome day. :)
The kind after which you relax as a family and watch...oh yes! We watched this

First location: a beautifully-landscaped yard in ___City which needed some spring cleanup done. (pictures taken after the cleanup)

The woman who owned this place took landscaping at the Botanical Gardens. It was very tastefully done. (not easily shown in pics)

   If you are interested in the mundane ins-and-outs, it was Sam's day off so into his nice little care trooped Valerie, Jessie, Elodie and I. We zipped over and dropped Valerie off at her nanny-job-house, then Sam dropped we three girls at previously mentioned first gardening job. Sam then reluctantly ( ;P) went over to Forest Park (while we slaved away) and did his quiet time in the beautiful morning sunshine before heading over to an interview at someplace....
Front porch view: can you imagine seeing this every day? 
Like, if every home owner sat out on his front porch every evening...
or morning! even worse. 

   To continue the account, our Mum packed up the remainder of the fam and came by to pick us up to bring us to our second gardening job of the day.
Note: when I refer to gardening here, I don't mean sitting and looking at the roses.
Just wanted to clarify.
So happy Nikola joined us! Here she performs her incredible edging ;)

Our Mum took the younger sibs to the Zoo, where Sam joined them after his interview. 
Note that some of us continued to faithfully work in the now hot sun.
And also note that one of us had a headache.
And didn't get to see the red pandas at the zoo. 
(Insert pictures of red pandas at zoo)

Why it's me in the morning!

If you couldn't tell already by the look on Sam's face, they are at the penguin area

goodness- playing on stag beetles while your sibs are hard at work!

Alexandre also joined us and helped spread a mountain of mulch

Little miss stylish arrives!

By the time we were completing the job, our family pulled up and we enlisted the immediate help of the younger set in finishing the edging.

We should patent our technique. I body gardens like we do. :)

And it's always worth working in neighbourhoods like this!

A little garden fairy I found


A house across the road...I'll take it. ;)

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