May 28, 2015

A rainy afternoon in Kimmswick and a photoshoot

In Kimmswick. 
Don't criticize the misspelling on the sign; it isn't kind.

   Near the end of April, our family (those who were available, that is!) 
took an afternoon trip to Kimmswick, MO. 
We had a Groupon to use up, and it was a free Saturday so we went! (wow. that was lame for writing skills!)

According to faithful tradition, it was quite the rainy day! 
(I'm serious about the tradition- it's the same rainy story every time we go to Kimmswick! Of course we've only been twice in the past 20 years....but still. It's pretty fascinating, the rain tradition.)

For the memo, Kimmswick is Alexandre's favourite place to hang out. 
Just kidding. Although he isn't grumpy in the above picture, just thoughtful. 

''Wow. What a store!" I was thoroughly bored by that one store. You know, the kind which overpowers you at first step with scents and stuff that you can't ever buy!

 This is my goodbye and good riddance look.
 (you know, the polite smile but inside you're wondering how such stores were invented?)

How Alexandre exits stores he doesn't like ;P
It rained off and on. Elodie took some pics of me- I wasn't posing, promise. I do like my mustard umbrella! :) Ironically, I also love getting wet... 

Somebody looks like she doesn't like the wetness!

While others finished up in the shops (Alexandre wasn't among the others btw), we accomplished a deed that was planned from the start. As mentioned in a previous post, Nikola has some projects in accordance with her fashion design course which include photo shoots of a variety of skirts! 
This time Jessica got to model the long skirt. 
And we found the perfect location! :)
The Windsor Harbor Road Bridge!

Love it!

Because ''Clearance'' is one of my favourite words. 
Especially in orange or red letters!

Photo shoot time!
Pictures taken by myself, Nikola and Elodie...the best ones are edited by Nikola.

This looks a little dangerous to me. 

Elodie tried some pics under the second bridge. (not shown)

As the rain continued steadily and we waited for our parents to return, I threw out the idea of jumping pictures.... because what else do you do with siblings in the rain? 
We look so very silly, I had to share them.

awkward landing!


Jessie just looks so adorbs.


I felt like this looked 1980's movie-ish or something....

  Until next time, friends! :)

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