May 4, 2015

A dance in April!

    It happened again....I didn't get a chance to post pictures from the April dance until... guessed it: now! the week of another dance!
   And since I simply cannot share snapshots from an April dance when we've just been to a May one, I will now hurriedly supply April's.... (courtesy of me, L-L and mostly E)

Someone's cup ;) 

demonstrating/teaching dances

....and dancing them!

                                                                      Sweet little girls;

...and babies;

Baby with her Auntie (I love these pictures Elodie captured)

To our very most delight, our dance caller decided the group was ready for....Laura's Waltz! I learned this dance a couple of years ago, and love it so much! We've never done it with this group, though.
   Waltzing is a classic and essential part of dancing which we just happen to love doing, and Laura's Waltz, with the combination of waltzing, other steps and beautiful music is so....perfect. :)

And....the now-traditional finale of the night:

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