May 12, 2015

At home in April....

    Time for some April 2015 posts, friends and foes! 
April was very full, very enjoyable, friendly....and busy! 
Very busy. 
As scientifically proven by the state of my room.

 I personally spend my time (and by the way if you're not a friend who is interested, don't read this and then assume I'm boasting 'cause I'm not and you're not nice if you think that I am)...Practicing driving by bringing Valerie to work (we're gone from 8 am to 9:45 because we like to take the long way(s) to avoid highways and give more driving practice ;P);
Cleaning a wedding venue on Mondays; Cleaning our own home;Cleaning another family's home on Wednesdays (yes, I kind of enjoy cleaning. I started when I was 7 and never stopped. Which can be taken as good or bad depending on where you stand);
 Cooking for our family (now that Valerie has her nanny job I get to do most of the cooking- yay but did you ever notice how quickly 5-ish pm comes when you're otherwise occupied?);Squeezing in time to write reviews on newly published books;
Serving and/or cooking at the afore-mentioned wedding venue on the weekends; etc.
 (and etc. usually encapsulates all those details which are much too mundane to mention here. Such as laundry.)
As for other  folks in the family:
Valerie is a wonderful nanny to two adorable and appreciative kiddies 5 days a week.
Nikola is doing a very interesting and helpful fashion design online course and in between times illustrates for author Rebekah Morris, helps with household stuff, serves at weddings as well, etc. etc. not to mention ''be's a sister to all of us!''
Sam is working for Lou Fusz Mitsubishi;
 Jessica is doing an online nutrition course as well as other things such as adorable and original artwork....
 and the other 4 are still safely and securely in that wonderful world of school. :) 
Where the biggest problem in life is figuring out whether 6 divided by 2 (2+1) equals 1 or 9. ;P
   Anyways, April was quite beautiful and busy as the following posts will try to prove....I organized our pictures into a couple of different posts and this one is the home-y one. :)
Enjoy, and attempt a comment or two! 

That awkward moment when you are the one who has to set up the camera and get back to your spot before...

     So glad you could come by when you were in the area, Andrew! 
We love every kind of visit- planned or impromptu, long or short!

 (*sits back and waits for friends to start flocking to our door*)

Little goats in the property behind us

We had to snap a picture of all four of us who are in braces!
Incredible, isn't it! But we are all very good patients....and Elodie has since lost her braces forever and ever! :) I'll have to take and share some portraits of her with her new smile! 

Some portraits I took one afternoon

The brother in his nice little car!

Matching sisters!
To appreciate this situation you have to realize that in our family...
1. Matching oneself is a feat worthy of mentioning
2. Matching another sibling is even more laudable!

Random apples to apples game (you can't get any more random than apples to apples, right?)
I introduced the idea of using the idea of compiling all won cards to reveal what one's future spouse would resemble and it was a big hit. We played about 10 rounds so we ended up with some very interesting characters. Surprisingly, Laura-Lise and Katia were the biggest fans of this game and are now looking forward to meeting their future husbands....some of us not so much considering the results we got. 

Sometime in the spring, our Dad and two of the girls got to use a Groupon for a Moroccan restaurant! 
They had fun talking with the owner of the place because Moroccan's speak French!
And so do we. :)

Now comes the intensely awkward portion of the post. 
Pictures of me. 
    Nikola did a whole photo shoot of me in a outfit as part of the her fashion course (for those interested, she had to do a mood bored of 3 different styles of skirts including a detailed drawing of the skirt... I got to wear the short skirt for this photo shoot). 

    Although I am relatively fond of my self, and have come to a victorious peace and submission regarding my earthly self,  I do not harbour a false illusion that the entire world desires to view a series of pictures of.... me. 
However, my severely practical side forces me to include these pictures because....
they happened
And as a part of our April 2015, it would be wrong to not post them. 
Like lying. 
You know? 

But if you are good and read until the end of the post, you can see an overwhelmingly adorable video of our young ducks swimming in our pond for their first time!

Below pictures taken by mostly Nikola, some Elodie and even Laura-Lise perhaps!
We trotted across our road to the school for this shoot.

making fun of the unreasonably popular stance featured in every women's fashion catalog available. (example to right)

Someone's always interrupting the photo shoots of celebrities!

Enough of me! 
Are you ready for some drama? 
Here, for the first time available to public eye....
the ducklings visit The Pond!
(and find it not to their satisfaction considering that Big Scary things may lurk beneath the surface and no Mama duck is available to scout out the unforeseen.)


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