June 8, 2015

Beyond the Mask in theatre...

I wasn't quite ready to do any posts from May 2015, but I remembered that I never posted pictures from our family's Beyond-the-Mask-in-theatre night!
And what better time to share these pictures than the very week it is again showing in theatres across the country!
As previously mentioned, some of us had already seen Beyond the Mask in a theatre, but this was Sam's, Laura-Lise's and Katia's first time which added to the excitement! 
Plus, we got to sit with a bunch of dear friends which is always fun. 
This movie-going business is still so new and exciting to us! :) As in we still can't help but wriggle and rock in our seats. (after spending 30 minutes choosing seats of course ;P )

Katia did very well although we were a bit concerned since she expressed genuine nervousness (i.e. consuming her popcorn at an alarming rate) even before the movie actually began. But considering that she ended up falling asleep at parts she deemed less exciting, I don't think she was incredibly terrorized. 
April 23rd 2015; With Sam at the Beyond the Mask showing

With me
(Nikola and Valerie were busy talking and our parents did not attend that time but are going to this week! :) )

I don't know if it's legal or not to take pictures during the film, but considering that I've known the director since he was 16... let's hope I can get away with it ;)

SO happy our beloved piano teacher joined us!!!! She is an amazing friend (and piano teacher :) )

With one of the friends in our group!

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