June 26, 2015

A mystery party in May!

Just look at this doll! :) 
(Pic by Elodie)

Early in May, our family attended a marvelously fun murder mystery party for which we all got to dress up and play characters! We had a lot of fun being our characters for the night, and some of us even found it hard to stop afterwards ;)

Jessie was a highly intelligent and elusive doctor, while our Dad was a fisherman from Louisiana who was known for his pirate impersonations (he got very enthusiastic about his role ;) )

Let's just say it was awkward driving the whole way to the party with our driver dressed like this!

(Alexandre was a newspaper boy; Valerie was a talkative optometrist)

          and....one of our favourite characters:little Xena Burns, who basically had the same overwhelmingly enthusiastic personality our own L-L has! ;)
As for costume....it was alarmingly like what this fun sister wears everyday ;)

Elodie was a New York photographer 


So pretty! 


 The location was AMAZING....

;) Lookalikes 

Sibling selfie!
My character was, by the most important way, an extremely talkative forensic scientist. I loved my role. Sam and I had almost too much fun acting our parts. ;) 

Sam had an interesting character. Not much of a costume, but he tried to make up for it in personality. He was a pharmaceutical test subject and former high school bully so all evening he kind of bothered everyone and he and I had some interesting arguments. 
Trying to talk to the elusive Dr. Green. 

 A very persistent character for sure....

Our ridiculous-looking crew :) 
(Nikola was sadly absent as she had to work that night; I am ever so grateful that she worked and let me take a night off!!!)

It was a really fun night although some of us weren't as smart as others in figuring out the murderer! We did have a great time being our unusual characters for the evening! 

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