March 12, 2015

January 2015...home life

    Every year, our January begins with our traditional blue and white decorations adorning our dining room table....
every January 1st we relaxedly dine on panettone, stollen, cookies, chocolate and eggs...
and then....
we do stockings.
 Don't laugh.
We always do stockings on January 1st. 
We like doing stockings on January 1st. 
Because we've always done it that way!
(and besides it's just about the only thing one can do after going to bed at 4 am!)

One thing I have graduated from is filming the entire process of each individual looking at 
each item from their stocking...
instead, I take a couple pictures.... :) 

Laura-Lise being herself. 

Sam trying to look awake

(this smile, this laugh- I love it! That's his usual expression at home!)


I love my family's individual smiles and laughs! :) 
One of the best things in the world are laugh lines...I need to work on those. ;)


Our Mum playing with her new Star Wars sword. jk. It's a flashlight in motion.

   This January, many of us ''children'' were able to go to one of our favorite family's home, to help watch some of our favorite kiddies in the world...
  Story time with Katia! don't be fooled: she may be the same size as them, but she's twice their age! It's amusing to watch her take charge of them)

Some street soccer in the sun

Josiah and his buddy Sam

Story time with ''uncle Sam''. ;)

  Speaking of story time...I (especially) love reading in January. It's a new year, a fresh start!
 It's everything bookish and indoors-ish has so much appeal! 

   I have a particular interest in anything World War 2 (specifically biographies and autobiographies!) so I read this book, Until We Meet Again which I had picked up at the thriftstore. It isn't Christian but it's a powerful read.
    It was only once I was finished it that I noticed the first page
(beginning of Marjo bracket: it didn't help that I actually began the book halfway through, where the section of photographs were and finished it, then read the first half afterwards...awkward, I know. But more exciting, yes? end of Marjo bracket)
and that it was signed by the author and his parents, the subjects of the biography! Survivors of Auschwitz, ETC! Wow.
By the way, when you are feeling poorly or selfish, read WWII biographies. 
They really help get your life in focus. 

   I have a goal of finishing many knitting projects in 2015...I am pleased to see progress in that goal already!
   It is handy that knitting helps me concentrate on whatever I am listening I knit during family Bible time, car trips, movies... (which of course results in the knitted project giving me a crazy compilation of memories ranging from driving to ice skating, to watching World War II battles to laughing at The Borrowers to thinking deep thoughts about God's Word...hmm...)

   I'm trying to sell knitted things as well....I just (as of March) sold the above shawl. 
I wonder if the new owner has any idea what ponderings and memories are associated with her shawl? 

I also finished a baby blanket which was very fun to knit!
I wish I had a baby to swaddle (that was always my favorite thing to do with babies :)),
but a bear (I love teddy bears!) had to suffice...

Also knitted 2 scarves...
In January, we watched a new movie for us...Mr. Smith Goes To Washington! 
Needless to say, we LOVE it! 

   I will conclude with a flourish....I have finally discovered a beautiful, elegant and stylish way to wear one's hair while sporting (if sporting is not to light-hearted a term for such suffering)
the dreaded...head gear which comes with orthodontic braces!
Tutorial coming as soon as...I have time.

  Since I have to don headgear almost 24/day, I'm seriously considering wearing a long white flowing gown and this hairstyle to really rock the look.

(don't tell anyone, but I kind of admired Princess Leia a lot when I was 
about 8...perfect role model, right? ahem.)

January 2015 was a good start to the year! Busy, productive....
Of course I'll not forgive it for being snow-less, but oh well. ;)

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