March 27, 2015

February 2015 dance with friends

February 2015...another dance with friends! 
This one was particularly enjoyable. (if anyone has an alternative for the word ''enjoyable'' I would appreciate any suggestions. I need a new stand-by word meaning...enjoyable. :) )

It's always so delightful to spend time with friends at a dance...and one marvelous aspect of this event was we got to meet a new little person (see end of post)!

(Irish Washerwoman....a favorite!)

Jessie and I were ''twins'' that night :) 
I love siblings. :) Actually, you can see Valerie, Jessie, me, and Sam in this pic.
And a little video from Elodie or Laura-Lise:

Sam looks like he's driving a car or something when he turns corners in dances ;P

Meredith- so pretty!
We were glad our friends the Beckmanns came!

A fun ''Scottish'' picture. Look at little Emma. Don't look at me. Please. Thank you.

A little video by Elodie or Laura-Lise of the Scottish:
                                           and a better video of the Scottish from +Stately Steps :)
After dancing, the volleyball-ers line up....
And the less active peoples watch enthusiastically:
It was an especially exciting game!
Very fun to watch!

Sam the man
Laura-Lise is an (overly) enthusiastic photographer! Here she inspects Lindsey's work on my hair before taking a few dozen snapshots of it (most of which she deleted).
(by Elodie or Laura-Lise)

Modern-ish art-ish

Oh! At this dance, a major highlight was meeting one of our favorite couple's newborn! 

Content with her Grandma


Everyone was delighted to meet her!

...And 2 days later, we got to meet another new person! :) 
Which made it such a Special week! 
More pictures later 

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