November 16, 2013

July 2013...Independence Day, blueberries, wedding...

July was absolutely beautiful, making all the events contained even more fun! :) 
Of course, at the beginning of July, we celebrated Independence Day with several friends which was wonderful.

                                            It was fun to ''bomb'' British soldiers....

Some interesting stances resulted...

(Elodie has an excellent control on gravity)

little miss muscles has a go!
feeling patriotic :)

aunt and nephew :)

a live doll! :)

watermelon drama

Lydia ponders patriotic matters

The Declaration of Independence was read

A humorous skit...

A British gentleman is served Madeira wine by a brave patriot widow....methinks the gentleman looks to be more the genuine Madeiran than the wine! ha! :) 

Back home in July...Alexandre and Laura-Lise decided to use our filled pond for something fun! How I WISH I weighed no more than they do!
Of course, no summer is perfect without a beautiful wedding to attend!
And when its the perfect union of dear, dear friends....then what can be better?...

beautiful expression!

riding away astride horses!
cutting the cake
sisters and heart-sister :)

I'll share more pictures from the wedding in a post devoted solely to that important day!

Later in July, we went blueberry picking with friends! It was such an enjoyable day which culminated in extra antique-shopping and such. :)

And...July 18th was Elodie's 15th birthday! With the theme of ''New Zealand''! 
We always have fun decorating for her summer-y day. Pictures to come in a following post! :)

Here is a preview little video...
of course, with all my movie-making skills, I managed to put it on the wrong setting, making it a little stretched. But I'm not about to re-load the thing!

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