November 21, 2013

August 2013 in pictures

August was rather least picture-wise! It had some special times though (yes, a birthday included! as always)....

...such as a dance reception for Jeremy and Darcie 
(a month after their wedding...what a great idea!)

We spent a really fun time at the Wong's home in August as well:


special times
                                            Also went to some other friends' for the afternoon:

   To our delight, they have a pool and once we got in there was no getting us out! :)
Water! :)

Katia's 7th birthday was near the end of the month....since her real birthday was on a Monday, of course we didn't have time to decorate properly the night before, so she got a ''simple table'' on the Monday, and a ''real theme'' a day later. The youngest in a family gets certain privileges...just think: this is the last 7-year old birthday for our clan! :(
smile face birthday table
the birthday lass

how Sam spent his summer- studying in the sun! I'm serious.

how we ladies spent the summer. If anyone wants to donate a more...advanced size of pool, just leave a comment below. 
And wasn't serious about the entire summer. :) 

                                              And the real theme for 7-year old! Pet Shop!
Complete with a live hamster in a cage which the birthday girl PROMPTLY dubbed ''Georgie''.
Pet Shop birthday party

our lovebird Jamaica makes his debut as a birthday decoration. He wasn't thrilled.

Nikola created yet another amazing cake for this birthday. This probably wins for the most realistic of them all! 
3-D cat birthday cake

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