July 14, 2011

Pendragon post 1

Photo by ESB, 2007

I hope that every one of you has seen the movie Pendragon: Sword of His Father!
But if you haven't, now is not too late! Please visit above link, and watch the trailer!
The movie, made by our friends the Burnses and cousins, is fantastic!
While they were making the movie, we thought of a place near our home here in Missouri: Fort Bellefontaine, and we were sure the Burnses could use it for something in their movie!
So...Elodie took pictures for them....and of course they were inspired! They put a lot of cleaning up work into it, and made it a perfect place for several scenes in the film!
(By the way, you have to buy the behind-the-scenes book, which is filled with amazing photographs and interesting stories! We enjoy reading it over and over again!)

Photo by ESB

Photo by ESB 2007

Three years ago in June 2008,
We went over to the Fort for the Burns' all-night film shoot of the funeral scene!
It was a very interesting experience, and I'm glad we got to be involved a little!

 Very important: Now you can find me, my very own self, in the funeral scene:
Here I am descending the steps.

You can find Sam next in the funeral scene: he's the one I labelled ''Sam''
Try to find us in the movie!

A friend, Joshua S. is on the left, with Erik D (''Brotus'')

So....have you seen the movie?
What did you think? (What was your fav. part, or fav. character?)
Following is what I wrote in my journal after the filming.....(beware: I was in too much of a hurry, being always behind with writing, to write very well. If it had been a school project, I would have written a very nice article....but it wasn't. )

June 18 2008
Tonight was the filming at Fort Bellefontaine…..When we got there and slowed down at the security box at entrance of park, a lady came out and peered at us. Papa yelled ‘‘They’re going to be famous!’’ (the common belief of most first-time extras. Not that we are classed among the most…..) She replied ‘’Oh, go on down.’’ We did, all laughing. When we arrived, Lisa came running up to greet us each excitedly. She set about finding us costumes, which we added to the clothes we were already wearing. I had my doubts….with one outfit I looked so funny! Aloud, I wondered....‘’don’t I look like a fat old cook?’’Peter kindly assured me that ‘’it was a thought’’. hmmm....
I ended up wearing a thick skirt made of much soft-yet-strong fabric, a tunic shirt, a thick rough ‘’vest’’, and a nice shawl! Next, came the make-up, which made each of us look a little ghastly. Sam looked pretty good, but mostly because of his fall out of the tree a couple days ago. He had a convincing scratch beside his eye. Soon us girls made our way down to the bottom of the fort, then down (or up, depending which way you wish to journey) the road a little ways. It smelled so good and nature-y! We came to a scene location where the one wall is.
It was now a place of bustling commotion, with bright lights, cameras, helpers and extras. The first scene we did was with the ‘’villagers’’ following soldiers and coffin bearers- and the princess, to…..where, I don’t know yet! (I will have to wait until we see the movie!) Much time was spent on this scene, in which we extras held candles and flaming torches. Next, all the equipment had to be transported to the foot of the fort, where the next scene would be filmed, in which the procession walked down the steps a bit. The torches, which were surrounding me, were roasting, and kept having to be re-doused in the fuel! (Aaron hurried around with a bucket of the fuel, and the boys had to dunk their torches in.) Finally, we walked that scene over and over again. It’s kind of funny….I have not glasses on, we’re all quiet, it’s warm and drowsy, I’m carrying a soft, warm candle, and we’re all being so serious. We all oh, so quietly walk down until Chad whispers (his voice is going-not too comfortable a thing for a director.), on the amplifier ‘’Cut. Back to one, please’’!

Despite the mosquitoes, it feels so chimerical, because of the whispering and all!
There were other scenes…but for the last, we stood around looking as mournful as possible (which wasn’t that difficult since by now the mosquitoes were pretty bad!), as the princess swept slowly up to the coffin, weeping….(I still hardly know why! Who is the funeral for? We shall just have to be patient, and wait until the movie cometh out!)

Finally….the work was done for the night, and we drove home with Mrs. Burns, Sara, Ashley and Aunt Mary.
Ahem…when we got out at our house, still in our strange garb- the sky was pale blue with pink clouds : DAWN! Goodness. Papa had left for work! (5 :30 am)

This is truly a picture from that 5:30 am!

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