June 2, 2011

Us and the ''Tammies''...more photos!

A while ago, I did an introductory post on the group ''The Duquesne University Tamburitzans''. Affectionately known as the ''Tammies'', this group presents high-quality performances full of beautiful folk dances, ballads and music from Eastern Europe and surrounding areas. Each show is truly a rich display of timeless folk culture!
 One wonderful thing about the Tammies, Junior Tamburitzans, and other groups, is the way the families work together to preserve their country's and family's traditions. In fact, it is not unusual for the children of Duquesne University Tamburitzans alumna  to also audition and join when they reach college age! I love that. The director and his wife were both ''Tammies'', and one by one, each of their seven children performed with the group!
Now that they are each graduated from the university, each of them is still involved in various musical groups (most often with fellow ''Tammie'' alumna), Junior Tamburitzan work, and continuing helping with the ''Duquesne University Tamburitzans''.

Four years ago I got to meet Paul Stafura,
the director of the Duquesne University Tamburitzans!
He was very kind, and seeing our enthusiasm, promised us a backstage tour at
the following November show!
We also have had marvelous help from Mrs. Stafura, who is the ''Tammies'' wardrobe person. She is an amazing seamstress, and my sister Nikola learned a lot from her through emails and phone calls. (We often copy the group's costumes for ourselves, and once in a while need more help than videos and photos can give!)

Me and my little sister Laura-Lise in '07 with ''Tammies'' Lindsey, Brittney and Nick.
Both of Nick's parents, as well as his uncle, and his two older sisters had previously performed with the Tammies! It's especially fun meeting the performers when you know their parents through old programs! (We collect programs from all years, even old shows.)

Us with Lindsey, Michael and Nicole after the fantastic finale dance!

We like to dress up in some of our costumes when we attend the show.
Here we are with Emily Khninicky, a Ukrainian. She and her sister are both in the show and excell in dancing! Emily said her favorite dance last season was....

....The amazing Pirin (Bulgarian) women's dances!!!
They are fantastic, and would probably be a favorite for me to, if I could dance them.

A view of some ''Tammie'' merchandise.
If any of you want to buy any one DVD or video from them, (here you can certainly ask me for suggestions as to which one you would like most! Just give me ideas of dancing and instruments you like. :))

During the backstage tour in Nov. 07.
We got to tour the group's bus- which transports them and all the instruments and costumes all over the U.S!

Two of the beautiful ''tamburitza'' instruments. Each Tamburitzan plays a ''tamburitza'' (various sizes)
during the opening Croatian song....

Nina dancing in the Russian dance ''Polyanka''. Nina is one of my fav. dancers.
Her brother Michael, the penultimate of the Stafura children, is in the red shirt.

The afore-mentioned Allie Jandrlich, playing in a fantastic and popular Romanian piece of music.
Allie wanted to dance more as a Tammie, but was needed for all four seasons as one of the two main violinists! She played beautifully.

Now....some photos from the most recent show!
I will post more pictures at my leisure throughout the Summer- I am sure you will love all of them!
Most everyone loves seeing beautiful costumes, stunning instruments, and elegant or athletic dances!

Isn't this just BEAUTIFUL! 
It's an Armenian ''princesses'' dance- very elegant.
The finale: A Romanian dance!

This was an amazing men's athletic dance from Armenia.
Some of the BEST dances come from that country!
As I said....more pictures another time!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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