April 6, 2015

February home life and Valentines day

 photo by Elodie
  Going through pictures on the computer, I discovered several which were pleasant- especially to me because I lived them- and good examples of the rest of February not yet depicted on the blog! I know you were dying to read another post from me. :)
And I am such a perfectionist, I cannot skip to March without finishing up February appropriately!

Jessie's Greek title page for history- I love seeing the things they whip up. 

Random lunch :) ('twas the week Brie was on sale)

Our home. 
Just kidding. 
It's Valerie's home.
Or rather, the one she gets to be nanny to 2 adorable children at!
 I wouldn't complain, getting to spend some days there, taking care of kiddies! :)

Another moment of February: spending time with these dear children

Back home:Jessie's funny old dog Scampy :) He was our first puppy after many years of not having dogs. Now he spends his days sleeping, shuffling around inside or out and hoping for tidbits of food from selfish humans who appear to be constantly eating.

Just because I usually do, I must share some pics from Valentines. 
Which breakfast we did on the 12th or something.
We re-decorated our Christmas tree with February-appropriate ornaments. I won't mention the shocking purple Christmas lights we also adorned the tree with. 
don't ask me who's idea that was. But it wasn't Sam's. 
More likely it was the small one. 

Such an important occasion as Valentines called for one...or two...or three chocolate cakes. :) Seriously, it made sense: 1 super healthy cake for we 3 health nuts, 1 super unhealthy cake for our Dad, and 1 medium-healthy cake for the others. :) Don't worry, we froze leftovers. 
It was fun sharing Valentines....rather than each of us making 10 cards for our family members and ending up with a collection of 110 cards to store and treasure, we just pick a family member's name from a hat and make a wee- or not so wee- card for them. 

On Valentine's- a Saturday- we worked hard as usual, went skating as usual in the unusually frigid weather and had a dolls' Valentines party when we got home. The things you do for 8-year olds. And end up enjoying. :) 
A violent Valentine's tea with the dolls

There was some unreasonably hilarious rivalry between Sammy and Tien-Pao

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