April 8, 2015

A dance in March

There is another dance coming up this week, so I thought I would post pictures from the March dance with friends before...well before 
1) we go to a new dance and forget all about March's
2) Furthermore, we aren't interested in seeing pictures from March's dance
3) we get totally confused when the Mazzou posts pics from a March dance when we've just attended an April one...
In other words, for your sanity, here are pics from the March dance. :) 
Lots of friends attended!
I love those first two shots! 

Our Dad looks mischievous :)

Sweet :) 

Baby with her Auntie!

(these siblings were so much fun to watch dance :) )

So happy Ellie joined us at this dance!!!


I loved this girl's style!

Had to take a picture of these two! :) 

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