January 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

 This year we again spent Thanksgiving with our long-time friends, the Burns family!
It was a wonderful time of talking, laughing and...eating. :)
No need to tell us ''make yourself at home'' here! :) 

While Elodie listened to a conversation, 
I took the opportunity to take some pictures of her! 
She looked especially lovely and classy that day..

And the spell is broken!
The photographer has been seen! Our computer is packed with similar pictures, of each person in our family. We all share the same ''no way are you taking my picture right now!'' look!

Time to dine! The Burns are smart: they eat Thanksgiving dinner at 4 pm. 
By the time dessert time rolls around, everyone is starving! :) 

Katia was too adorable that day. 

Okay, Sam. 
Great choice of shirt. 
Knowing you, though I wouldn't say you even knew the significance until I pointed it out to you just now. 
great choice of shirt for Thanksgiving Day. 

Arguing over the dinner

...time to get dangerous!

As our chief wood-chopper at home, Alexandre is a pro at this! 

Look at that wood fly! 
Sam is quite mournfully jealous. 

Winner for the oddest picture of 2014, guys!

Uh-oh- Marjo's trying! I don't think I lost, which is a bonus. :) 
(Our goal was, with only 4 blows, to end up with our biggest piece of wood the smallest out of everyone's...make sense? It may take a while to comprehend.)

Elodie's hair was so beautiful! Jessie usually does it for her in the van on the way to the event...the longer the drive, the more elabourate the hairstyle! 

Time for dessert! 
That is a phrase everyone understands, and we gathered around the table of pies. :) 

Good old pumpkin pie with a walnut crust and praline
Apple-cranberry crostada

Pie cutting action

My plate: honey pumpkin pie with cranberry relish :) 

This year, the Burns' didn't have a massive pumpkin to toss out the window, and Nick wasn't even there (he got married between last Nov. and this!), so Peter obliged and pitched a wee pumpkin out the window. 
For those of you who didn't see last year's pumpkin toss:

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