February 11, 2015

Handel's Messiah at Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church

In December, our family got to attend a presentation of Handel's Messiah at Twin Oaks Presbyterian church. We were thankful that friends told us about this special event, excited that we were able to attend, and delighted by the beauty of the whole presentation! The location was elegant and we had a good (albeit crowded) view from our spot in the balcony!

Most importantly, the performance of the Messiah was not merely a performance, but a true worshipful tribute to our Saviour! 
I think I can rightly say that the music and vocals felt more powerful because the performers were truly offering their performance up to the King. Although I have heard other talented renditions of Handel's Messiah, this was the most meaningful. 
There were moments where it sounded just like heaven.
 Like when the entire congregation joined the choir for the Hallelujah chorus!
I was almost surprised that the roof stayed on. 

Balcony view! The room was packed, but that added to the special feeling of the evening.
I don't have marvelous video on my camera, but that didn't stop me from trying to capture some of the beauty of the music...

(''And He shall purify''...possibly my favourite portion of Handel's Messiah!)

(I also love this portion)

It was fun to watch all the faces!

We liked this gentleman- he looks like a perfect grandfather!

I thought the soprano did an amazing job...her voice was beautiful! It was the best Handel's Messiah soprano performance I have heard.

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