February 18, 2015

Christmasy things 2014 :)

Now that it has finally snowed here in Missouri (and we happen to be playing Christmas music at this very moment),
I think it is high time I publish these ''Christmasy'' pictures! :) 
I miss Christmas time! I love the coziness and music and firelight....

Our Mum got a Groupon deal for the youngest girls to go to the Zoo for the lights! 
Judging by their expressions, it was indeed a special treat for them! :) So glad they got to do that!
They said there was the Christmas station playing all over the Zoo, which added to the fun atmosphere!

This picture gives me a ''Narnia'' feel!

Our Dad and Jessica were the little girls' escorts that night. 
The generous, in-the-moment people that they are, they gave no second thought to treating Katia to a magical carousel ride! 
I'm glad they did it. :) 
We need more people like that in the world. :)

Earlier, our family went on our annual Christmas window shopping trip to old St. Charles!
I love this time of mingling with other happy shoppers, smelling the holiday smells, looking at all the twinkling lights, and being overwhelmed by the warmth and color in the crowded shops!
The Flower Petaler...
Over 12 rooms like this!
Husbands, be warned. 
This is the shop.
That wives enter.
And shop 'til they drop.
(copyright Mazzou 2015)

   It would have been humorous to have taken videos of all the patient husbands standing outside the crowded, suspiciously Victorian-looking gift shops (such as the Flower Petaler), awaiting their wives return to earth. 
Each man gave a sympathetic look to each husband who was added to the group. 

what one does when one is waiting for one's mother to choose hand cream for one's grandmother
feeling young again...taking pictures of myself because it was too dangerous to do anything else in such overpopulated shops...
''overwhelmed by Christmas'' (as if anyone could be!) selfie, followed by
a juvenile ''hungry wolf'' (or more innocently, ''forgot I had braces'') selfie
(hate those...I must practice at least by taking some cues from my darling wee sister Laura-Lise!)

Spotting interesting items in the shops

Example of bad sales logistics: displaying this questionable item outside your shop!
I wanted to take a video of the dozens of passersby who queried ''Weeds''?...

Just a snapshot of a Christmas tree in my room. 
(to be utterly truthful, this isn't from this year but it's close. Same Christmas tree-look and same star light. ;) )

In December, we also went to our friends the Burnses to complete a delightful annual tradition: that of making dozens of cookies to last us through the holidays! ;)
This time was just as lovely as usual...only all my pictures got deleted. So. We won't dwell on that too long.

On Christmas Eve, we watched The Book Thief for the first time!
We absolutely loved it, and have all announced it a family favorite! 

Love it!
I found it randomly when searching for good haircut ideas for my French-Canadian looking sister Elodie...long story short, I came across this (French-Canadian) actress Sophie Nelisse and when I saw that she was in a World War II movie...I had to find out more! :) 

You should watch it!
Just don't read the book. Please. Please. Please.

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