January 22, 2015

The Duquesne University Tamburitzans' 78th season show! November 1st 2014

November 1st 2014....
our family attended the annual Tamburitzans show! This year was their 78th season performance, and they stayed true to their tradition of presenting amazing and beautiful dances and pieces of music as well as showcasing a totally new show!
This year we were delighted to have our friends Chad and Angie B. join us for the show! 
The auditorium is filing up

...there are Chad and Angie!

Let the show begin! 
I love the feeling we all experience at this exciting moment....
Kaeli Stoddard, freshman
The Croatian costumes this year were pretty!

This Armenian dance was our favourite from this year's show! It was executed with unbelievable grace and elegance...wonderful.
Below is an example of the beauty of Armenian dances for women: 

I am incredibly fond of the above picture. It embodies all the grace and beauty of the dance!

There were some great men's dances as well (you may have seen Greek costumes similar to this; this is Macedonian which is beside Greece).

Sam took several pictures as well...this is from the Serbian number

The first half culminated with a colourful, lively Slovakian dance! Always fun to watch.

I love couples' dances!

The second half began with another colourful and fun dance, this time from Russia!

There were incredibly energetic dances from Bulgaria for the women (I love doing these dances for my aerobics routines!)

Another big favourite from this show was a couples' dance from Czechoslovakia which had more classical style music and was full of amazing moves!

So fun!

The Tamburitzans always present beautiful musical pieces as well

An energetic Hungarian dance!

Another talented couples dance
                             ....and the finale....Romale! :) (Eastern European gypsies)
                                          This number is so colourful and beautiful! Eastern European gypsies are more joyful than other gypsies you may imagine, so this dance was a pleasure for all to watch!

Isn't this picture beautiful? 

After the show, we grabbed the chance to get a photograph with John Harbist and Sonja Capuzzi- some favourite Tamburitzans (or ''Tammies'') -before they packed up and headed the long route back to Pittsburgh that night!
Thank you, Duquesne University Tamburitzans for yet another amazing show! 
We already can't wait for next year!

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