January 26, 2015

In memorium: SNOW

   In response to the not-so-unusual phenomena of a snow-less December and January in Missouri this year, I decided to devote a post solely to the memory of SNOW.
How ingeneous: a ''Mama and baby'' snowlady!
(I'm at the point where I can almost truthfully say ''Snow? I do not believe in snow!" tragic.)

   In reality, I'm not too worried about the situation of snow and lack thereof...Missouri usually comes into its snowy glory in February! But I was organizing all our old files and came across such delightful memories I had to share some of them...

In February 2007, we went to Allenspark, Colorado. For free. 
(we accompanied our Dad on a business trip. Needless to say, his company didn't desire our presence, so we vacationed at a cabin! For free.)
This picture sums up the entire experience! :)

We brought along 2 puppies, not to mention a 6-month old baby. :) 

We all kind of fit into the ''baby'' category, come to think of it. 

And was there snow! Feet upon feet of it, surrounding our cabin! 
Let's see...I was nearly full-grown and it came up to my knees in most spots. I don't know how Elodie survived. ;)

The weather was always sunny and we barely had to wear sweaters. 
Nearby, there was a massive, absolutely colossal ---
and this time I mean it. 
Remember: I was almost full grown---
hill which was incredibly icy and which we spent 2 days climbing and sliding down, to the risk of our limbs and lives! I wish I had pictures. I have about 3 hours of filming of the slipping and sliding and danger, as well as personally conducted tours of the Colorado wilds surrounding our cabin...but they are unavailable for public viewing. :(
First: our camera is an oldie and doesn't connect to the computer. 
Secondly, it doesn't even function any more. 
Thirdly: you may find it hard to comprehend the wonder of it all. 
You had to be there. :)

Jump forward seven years...and we have our own colossal hill right near home! 
(you may take a moment to applaud my skills in frugality and fabric care by noticing how I am still wearing the very same sweater as in 2007. Stunning, isn't it?  ;) In case anyone is overwhelmed with jealousy, it's from LAVON, made in Russia and 100% polyester. Good luck. )

When it does snow, you can be sure we'll be whizzing down our favourite hill! :) 
Can't wait. 

No, she never changed ;) 


Enjoy the snow, friends! :) It's bound to come any day now. It can't help it, after seeing what a reception it will get! :)
Either way, enjoy the weather God has given us! There are benefits to every day, every season.

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