January 30, 2015

November 2014: Concert at Powell Hall, Ice Skating, Baby Shower

Here are some more memories from November 2014!
I'm trying to make my posts more organized and less lengthy; I think you readers will find it easier to read posts you are interested in as well!

On the first of November, we girls attended a shower for a dear friend who was expecting her first! (as I write this, I say ''was'' because the baby was just born! Congratulations J & D!!!) I love anything baby...I'm just so excited my friends are getting married and having children! :) 
                                     Random home life: sort-through-the-socks-day!
Anyone who has 2 feet and more than 10 pairs of socks can sympathize. Multiply the pairs of feet by 11 and you have...a lot of socks. I don't know about your family, but ours boasts extremely independent and adventurous socks.
We watched Anne of Green Gables while doing this momentous and horrific task.
(we hadn't gone through the socks since summertime, when I brought them all outside and spent a lovely, sunny afternoon doing them.
 It was bad.)

In November, I entered a Chiquita banana recipe contest which required something made using caramel, walnuts and bananas...I created this caramel banana pie which was absolutely delightful! (see? I can make sweet desserts :) )
If you want the recipe, come back to my blog soon- I'll be doing a post with the recipe. 
It certainly deserves its own post. 
Oh! I didn't win the contest, btw.
And for those of you who are cruelly thinking ''no surprise! there's no way a pie like that could've made it through the USPS''....
I didn't send them my entry. 
The pie pictured was just my tester. I sent in the recipe. 

Skating season started up in November! Yay! It has been such a delight to meet with friends at our rink and skate for 2 hours every Saturday! (we used to go Sat. afternoon, but now we go for the evening session) 

With friend Sara and Haley
In November, we were pleased, delighted and excited to attend a Saint Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra concert at Powell Hall
I love Powell Hall! So proud to be living in the same city as it. 
We older ones have memories of attending the children's concerts or the Top 99 concerts at Powell Hall in the past, but we hadn't been for years! It was so excited to be back, softly treading the red velvet carpets and excitedly finding seats!

The evening's music list is here
The musicians did an excellent job! 
I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the music surrounding me...you can listen to the music at home, but there is nothing like being surrounded by the strains of the entire orchestra playing in the same room! There is so much power and feeling...
My favourite piece of the night was this: 

It was Laura-Lise's first time as well! She looks a bit overwhelmed.

Getting ready for the performance!

Just for fun. There is so much detail!

These younger performers were amazing!

There's +Rachel Petzoldt ! :) (flute- far right, flute not visible)
 It was a delight to watch you perform!

Me, my siblings and friend Sara Burns with friend Haley.

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