July 2, 2015

Memorial Day 2015 celebration!

   Here, folks, is a post full of pictures from the 2015 Memorial Day party! It goes against my organized soul to do this post before publishing the other event of May, but it seemed to suit this weekend's patriotic celebration more so than mother's day pictures! 

   Plenty of people pictures, red and white and blue (but mostly red) hues and summer fun....

There were a couple presentations, prayer time and patriotic hymn-singing: 

A glimpse of the caramel banana walnut pie I made

After the meal and presentation, it was time for the games to begin! And when I say games, let me tell you this family knows how to plan unusual and entirely fun games!
From the most strenuous and exciting tug-of-war match to water balloon toss and water balloon dodgeball....we've done it all. And generally at one party, too! :)
Water balloon toss with a partner- each round the couples had to take a step backward, thus successfully eliminating much of the population.
   Is it a coincidence that, out of the many competitors these 3 are the last standing? Hmm...

Nikola and Zoe (SO glad you girls were at the party too!!!) 

I just think this picture is really neat!

''Auntie Sara'' with her nephew and niece (cousins) and sister in law (the mother of the wee lass)

(this family picture is just so cute)

power :)

Fun picture ;) I believe their water balloon burst before it really took off!

We also played this cruel game where the above pictured bombers had to try to hit a circle of people as they ran across the field! It was quite interesting. ;)
I really like this picture! Zoe: your hair is amazing! 

I close with this too-cute-for-words picture :) 

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