July 15, 2015

A bridal shower for Meg!

In May, we ladies attended a lovely bridal shower given in honor of....Meghan! I can't wait to share pictures from the June wedding itself, but meanwhile here are the shower pictures....
The party was held at the bride's grandmother's pleasant home and was hosted by her dear friend and maid of honor Leah. It was such a perfect setting for a bridal shower.

Ellie :) 
Around the next bride-to-be :) 

3 of the sweetest ladies I know!

Perfect :) This is what childhood looks like :) 

Nikola is the kind of sister that when you see a picture of her you miss her even though you just saw her 10 minutes ago....

admiring D's baby ;)

Ellie concocts her dangerously delicious coffee punch ;)

Jessie brought the vegetable thingys

After munching on goodies, the ladies all gathered around to watch Meghan open gifts! To make it more interactive, we played a bingo game with our guesses of what they would receive. 
 It was so cozy with the rain falling in torrents outside and everything bright and cozy inside.

Of course the bride to be was radiant :) 

I love this picture- it seems so vintage! (as if she were reading a letter from her man in the army!)

Meghan was a perfect bride-to-be-at-her-shower; she expressed genuine excitement over the gifts consistently and graciously which is a rare talent! 

A group picture at the end of the afternoon....So many girls! (and lets see...ages about 4 mos to 23)   And this wasn't even all of the guests!

Next up...you guessed it! Some pictures from the June wedding itself! Until then, enjoy the sunshine! 

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