July 1, 2015

A dance/volleyball in May

As you may have previously noticed, I like to post pictures we take at the monthly English country dances with friends! This is one of the final posts for the summer since there is a break in English Country dances until September. 
 And we didn't get a bunch of pictures this time....(I think that means we got to dance a lot! :) )
I think Sam was a little tired... oh dear. ;) That's what happens when you work hard all week and all day and then attend a fun event! Only about half of you is awake...

What a little beauty!

Good times talking with friends....

Love talking with friends!!!

I'll end with an action shot...I have no idea what was going on in this pic! 

So, that was probably the shortest post in this dance series...but oh well! And I know you're eager for me to hurry on to more recent happenings such as... a wedding! :) 
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