July 8, 2015

Family parties: Our Dad's birthday and a Mother's Day luncheon

Two celebrations involving our wonderful parents happen in May: Our Dad's birthday on the 4th, and of course, Mother's Day! Here are some pictures from each of those events this year...
It can be hard to come up with a ''theme'' for our Dad's birthday table year after year. More and more often we come up with ideas the day of. Such was this birthday: we hastily drew inspiration from our Dad's character at a recent party (Captain Mo Marrow was the name) and threw together a fun ''Mo Marrow'' nautical table. :) 

A favourite meal of our Dad's is chicken a la king, so of course we had to make it: 
A birthday dessert....

As for Mother's Day...it being on a Sunday and all we don't usually do more than a nice table. But I still wanted to do something more focused on our amazing Mum so a random Tuesday following Mother's Day when our mother was out of the house I set and prepared a woodland-ish luncheon. The results were fascinatingly ''Redwall-ish''- not that our Mum is a Redwall fan but we are and who can resist that lovely style? you'll know what I mean when you see the cake.

The cake...delightfully healthy and delicious all at once! It's created with barley/wheat/etc. flour and nuts and other such delights. I just went delicately wild when assembling the dear cake. ;) 

A rice flour cake for a family member on a gluten free /dairy free diet! It worked out quiet well, and in between the layers I spread jam and rice pudding! 

Healthy dark chocolate covered healthy coconut patties! :) 

The delightfully woodland (healthy) cake!

    I'm so thankful that we can do little celebrations like these with our family!

Keep following this blog, because next up are pictures from a lovely bridal shower for a friend...and after that, wedding pictures from the wedding itself! :) See you then!

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