August 4, 2014

Ball at Mahler Ballroom July 31st 2014

   The last day of July, we all dressed up and went to a dance at the Mahler Ballroom in St.Louis! The event was hosted by our friend and dance teacher Dr. John Ramsay and it turned out to be a lovely afternoon!
The entrance! 
What with the crowd and live music, this felt so special as we walked in!
Lovely Valerie
to our delight, some friends attended as well!


the place was quite elegant!

a small gent
Nikola and our Dad polka-ing...I really like this picture!

because I love lights. :)

   One fun aspect of the afternoon was a guest couple performing the Big Apple and the Lindyhop! The couple was from the Lindyhoppers of St. Louis! It was just so appropriate, considering Elodie's recent birthday theme!
 And they were so fun to watch....I want to lindyhop!

Laura-Lise took some aerial shots! We were doing the Black Nag

Elodie and Jessica

Mrs. K, Zoe and Valerie

Jessie exiting

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