August 5, 2014

June 7 2014: Josh and Machaira's wedding

June 7th was the wedding of Joshua H. and Machaira A.!
We've known the bride's family for years, through homeschool events. The groom we just met last Christmas at a mutual friend's home! It was an honour to be invited to their wedding!

(Sam took this lovely picture)

(Nikola and some friends)

The happy couple and the bride's family
the couple and the groom's family
The bride's youngest sister- so cute!
I always love trying to get lovely pictures at a know, pretending I'm a photographer :)

                During the reception, the groom's brothers did some fun Irish songs for the couple!
                       (who are going to be missionaries in Ireland, as the groom's family was!):

                   The couple's first dance was to ''A Thousand Years'' and was sweet to watch:

It was so nice to get to spend time with these girls again! We live so far away from eachother and it is always such a delight to get to see them again.

Oh- by the way, I thought this was a cute idea for serving the soup at the reception.
Laura-Lise at the wedding


Outside, ready to see the couple off....
Eliya (sister of the groom)
I love this picture Sam took of Eliya!
The bride's mother and brother

ha- what a funny little guy

Three of my sisters


one of the bridesmaids 

Here they come!

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