August 5, 2014

June 2014... another birthday and two weddings!

Ahh...this promises to be a beautiful post! It can't help itself, what with two weddings...and one of my favorite birthdays we've ever done!
June begins with Alexandre's birthday!
As you can imagine, thinking up birthday themes for older boys is really hard. But we went with an inspiration which had long been bouncing around in our imaginations....REDWALL!
I was delighted with how it turned out. I was the first, and greatest Redwall enthusiast. Although I haven't read the books in years, I remember them and their world well. 

Jessie drew a map as part of the decor- copying one from the books
Jessie created a small otter warrior as part of the decor. 
Our dining room suited this birthday's style!

Of course, a Redwall birthday is not complete without a real English feast! For breakfast we had ''woodland trifle'' as well as several other treats. Lunch was more of a feast, with cheeses and soup and vegetable pie...I've always wanted to actually make the tasty vittles from the Redwall books, and they definitely made the birthday more fun!

genuine ''nunny-molers'' (little jam-filled pastries)
candied nuts

Savory and toasty ''deeper 'n' ever turnip 'n' tater 'n' beetroot pie''! It was pronounced a favorite by all, actually! 
''Shrimp and hotroot soup''- quite good. I made it with leeks and potatoes, shrimp and each person added cayenne 'to taste'!
nut-studded cheeses: delicious!
The day of his birthday they went fishing and of course we enjoyed giving him presents...

Birthday cake time!

A last-minute attempt at a ''mouse'' :) He produced some good chuckles. 

The week of the birthday- playing water balloon fight outside.
The day after A's birthday, we went to a going-away dinner for our chiropractor. It was held at Mary Jane's solid oak furniture store. 

Katia trying out a chair in the store- it was kind of neat being surrounded by so much furniture!

I love this portrait Elodie captured of Katia! So French. :)

Haha- the usual confusion when a big family goes to a little icecream shop for a treat!
hey Sam!
Hey, Alexandre

this is really funny: 
especially when you realize they're not studying for finals or anything....
they're choosing what kind of ice cream to get!
(that's the trouble with big families. Especially when you share ice creams!)
it gets even more intense...

                             but the final decision is worth the deciding, right?

We watched one of the funniest Cosby episodes that week too. :) This is the kind of humor we really laugh at!

June 7th was a wedding in Southern Missouri!

Sam took this lovely picture

The happy couple and the bride's family
the couple and the groom's family
The bride's youngest sister- so cute!
I always love trying to get lovely pictures at a wedding....

the groom's brothers did some fun Irish songs for the couple! (who are going to be missionaries in Ireland, as the groom's family was!)

The couple's first dance was to ''A Thousand Years''. It was beautiful.

It was so nice to get to spend time with the Dischers again!

Oh- by the way, I thought this was a cute idea for serving the soup at the reception.
Laura-Lise at the wedding

Me at the wedding
Outside, ready to see the couple off....
I love this picture Sam took of Eliya!
The bride's mother and brother

ha- what a funny little guy

Three of my sisters


one of the bridesmaids 

Here they come!

Later in June was yet another wedding of dear friends! It was so exciting to see Tim, a fairly recent friend, wed Rachel, whom we've known for over 15 years! They are perfect for each other. Their wedding was the perfect summer wedding, as you will see in the pictures to follow. (which Sam and Elodie took. I was busy in the kitchen area getting ready for the reception!)

Benjamin S.(friend of groom) and Ashley (sister of groom)
Micaiah (friend of groom) and Brittany (sister of groom)

Brother and sister of the bride
the bride's nieces 
the bride and her father

the groom

Here comes the bride!

(need I say that her gown was one of the most beautiful I've seen?)

the bridesmaids- sisters of the bride, a sister-in-law and two sisters of the groom.

Laura- the maid of honor

It was a lovely location for a wedding!

I just love their expressions!

they are such a cute couple!!!

Maid of honor and Best Man


the reception tables were lovely as well.

I think I've found my favorite type of bouquet! I love those little budding things paired with roses.

Our family had fun preparing and serving the meal (parmesan and grilled chicken, baby potatoes, green beans, salad and rolls)
How come I only noticed Laura-Lise's ingenious method for cooling off now?
 Very good idea- but not too economical, m'dear!
the head chef herself. ;)

the father of the bride 

the father of the groom

 sister of the bride

cutting the cake

this is cute: the little girls had fun playing with the ducks which lived on the property (there was a beautiful lake)

 little goose girls :)


 good times with the many friends who attended!

what a character! :)

....I think I have several more pictures of this wedding! But if you want to see them, just head over to the album!

A thriftshopping day for Sara's birthday and here I am wearing a spectacular gown I discovered! It was so much fun to wear for a few minutes, especially since I've never had much luck with prom dresses!

I was happy :)
My feet were not. 

Sara and I with our ''crazy'' outfits which we actually rather liked.
A ''Vogue'' magazine ad, perhaps? Not quite.

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