November 4, 2014

AUGUST 2014!

When you compare this year's August to last year's, it was packed! 
This post includes:
-Forest Park fun
-Memorial service
-Photo shoot
-Wedding (separate post)
-Birthday (post to come)

The first day of August found us at Forest Park in the evening. It was especially beautiful since the previously falling rain gave way to a breathtaking clear sky and sunset which we all marveled over! Our family enjoyed a pleasant picnic supper alongside friends from church. We were all dressed up similarly on account of the movie that was playing that night on Art Hill. Our family didn't watch the movie, but still embraced the opportunity to wear our appropriate clothing.

I loved these archways...somebody needs to have a wedding here!!

To my delight, a wedding party 'joined' us to take lovely bridal portraits. The bride was sweet; she happily asked Nikola, who was wearing a cream lace dress, if she too was a bride! No....not yet.

I took some amazing pictures of one of the bridesmaids who was looking on as the bride got her picture taken. I wish I knew who this was....I'd love to share this picture with her!

One of my favourite styles of dogs

the sunset was spectacular

this was too sweet to pass up; I don't know who she is, but she was getting portraits taken in the lavender. 

 zooming in on a picture....just in case you ever wondered what to do by the fountain, here's an idea. Brilliant.

Even better...
 ...a proposal! This couple had no idea how many people were watching them. :)

she said yes! :) Even if you don't know the people, it is always a joyous occasion, watching a proposal!
beautiful sunset!


We have a very happy family life, but as with all people, it is sometimes interrupted by sad news. Early in August we heard the sad news that some friends of ours lost their dear mother. We had the privilege of knowing her and she was one of the most cheerful, vibrant women ever! And although she is sorely missed, knowing that she is in heaven is wonderful.
   Her funeral was just a really good representation of that! There is LIFE beyond death! Her children sang a couple songs; that was so touching. Overall, I left the funeral filled with a new desire to be joyful and thankful like Linda Koenig!
Do keep this family in your prayers, as they learn to live life and continue their ministry of song without their mother.

Of course, August was full of pool fun. The children- and I- got our time in there daily! It was also great to get vitamin D after....we'd dry in the sun while doing our school/reading!

More pool fun! This here pool is going to get a life-time's worth of before a couple years are over!

Early in August, we did a photo shoot for a friend who needed some inspiration for her paintings...
We pulled up many of our costume pieces and had a delightful time on such a beautiful day!

   We took a break for a special lunch of tasty appetizers....
savoury tarts

Cheese and chive scones with ham, fig and leek

Nikola makes a delicious puff pastry dough and we adapted several ideas to make a chicken-stuffed pastry, as you can see above. I can't even remember what I did to make the filling, but it was delicious! 

An apple custard pie with apples from our trees

Such a sweet little girl!

she's falling asleep!
Back outside, we posed some more....and Elodie took some lovely candid photos of us

Under the pear tree

The next day, we had more company! This time, the biggest family we know! Quite a feat for our tiny home...but it was so much fun! So happy we finally got to have all 19 of you over, K. family!
There were about 10 children in the pool ;)

the men/boys played some volleyball

some of us ate outside

I'm going to have to publish my photo album...everyone who visits spends hours looking at it! :)
after, we all hung around in our living room, and- would you believe it- the kitchen! Don't ask me why, but at dessert time, most of us young people were attracted to the kitchen-there were at least 17 of us in our 3-person kitchen! We were packed shoulder to shoulder but it was so fun. It was exactly like our family on Sunday evenings when I'm doing dishes and all my siblings join me just to talk!

checking out the dessert :)


full house!
We had a bunch of avocado pits around, and Bria engraved one of them!
The very next evening, there was a dance in Belleville! Yay!

a movie-star picture of Ashley :)

Papa in action!

people aren't very nice to Jeremy
sometime in August, our Dad took the little ones to the Magic House (in Kirkwood MO), because they had earned free tickets through the summer reading club. I just thought these pictures funny, and so ''Papa''!

the kind of thing our Dad likes to do :)

portraits of Katia by Elodie :)

Late in August, another wedding... (I trust you've already seen the pictures?)

And...on the 26th, another birthday! :) Katia's 8th!!!

 ....a vintage-style doll's county fair birthday, and I will devote a different post to it later! Stay tuned!

What a busy August that was! Especially when compared to last year's August! Usually this particular month is very quiet for our family.

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