November 17, 2014

A Vintage-style doll's fair birthday (August 2014)

With snow on the ground already, I thought it was high time I make haste and complete my summer blog posts! This is a fairly concise look at Katia's birthday this past August!

My 8th birthday was county fair, Elodie's 8th was carnival...and Katia's 8th was a dolls' county fair vintage style! 
The soundtrack for this birthday was Charlotte's Web: 

 The table was decorated, but all the treats were on booths in the living room:

   This was Katia's first birthday while on her new sugar-free/white flour-free lifestyle, so I spent the day before creating small treats and candies! There were coconut cream patties (the best!), coconut cream candiess, fruit jelly candies, wee fruit tarts, healthy donuts, nuts, and cake pops! Most everything was healthy. I admit this display incorporates store-bought mini donuts as well as some candies.

Welcome to the Dolls' Fair!

The birthday girl!

Donuts- store-bought as well as healthy, mixed together

little fruity tarts

Cake pops. Do not ask for my recipe. I have no idea how I made them! But they were good! The icing was made of...goodness...cream cheese, cream, coconut oil, arrowroot was the oddest thing I ever made, but it made sense at the time! :) 

little cupcakes made with remaining donut batter

 Knowing that this would be our last 8-year old birthday party, we had a lot of fun doing it! :) No limits, right?
Our Mum found these sweet graphics online! We printed them out and used them on favour boxes, as well as a banner above the table. 

...Outside was also set up:

games for all

We had a great time in the pool!

Just when you thought we were sane...

I must say, pools make summer way more amazing! I just loved swimming and then drying in the sun while studying/reading! I tried to do that every day all summer. :) 

...Of course a county fair means a throw-sponges-at-siblings game! Katia is a great sport.

Sam wore sunglasses- a selfish protection against the elements

oops- the cardboard gave way in the middle of Nikko's turn! haha.

The last rose of summer...
(not exactly true, but a nice thought ;) )

See...that wasn't too long of a post, was it? Now I'm ready for fallish posts! September is next! And more birthday celebrations!

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