October 23, 2014

C & S wedding August 2014

   In August, our family helped with the final prep and serving of food for C & S's wedding reception! Most of us love this kind of work, but it entails quite a bit of stress. The morning of the wedding, our van got a flat just 10 minutes away from home. That detained us an hour I think! I can't imagine having those kind of surprises as a real caterer...

   The reception was full of interesting details, from the decor which I immediately dubbed ''A Pinterest dream wedding!'', to the fun serve-yourself meal of breads, cheeses and salads, to the festive program which included live music and dancing...as you can imagine, it was fun to be a part of!

Here are some views of the reception room!
Since our family didn't go to the wedding ceremony, this post will concentrate on the reception! 

the beverage table

Schedule of events

working in the kitchen. :) 

some people didn't work quite as hard...just kidding. He certainly did. After this picture, during which he was testing the chair and view he would have the whole night.

Elodie and Laura-Lise went on a photo-taking spree for several minutes. 
I'm pretty impressed by their eye for composition and lighting!
By the way, all photos from now on were taken by Elodie, Laura-Lise or Sam. Enjoy.
Laura-Lise's view of the light fixture ;)

Back in the kitchen...the ceremony is over, and people are starting to arrive! Our dear friend Sara B. comes to help us!

salad with feta cheese. etc.

Sorry, Jessie: I just had to include this one 'cause you look like the stereo-typical cook! Definitely not you. :) 
And...the bride and groom arrive!
They are so cute together!

Guests mingling

and talking...there were friends from all over the US. in attendance, I do believe! Imagine the catching-up and re-acquainting that went on! We were delighted to be able to do a bit of that ourselves. 


this perfectly Dutch/Swedish lady set up permanent residence at the bride and groom's table! She was, after all, the bride's niece and one of the flower girls. I just love how Scandinavian she looks! Or Dutch?

Sarah was beautiful! 


lovely sisters

with the twinkle lights all lit, it was the perfect setting for dancing!

and after...we sent off the bride and groom with well-wishes and plenty of sparklers!
I don't have a picture of that, but I'm sure the photographer got pretty ones!
in the light of the sparklers :)

After...this is what I felt like doing!

this is what we did instead...

thank you Sara B. for helping us so much! We had fun driving the 1.5 hours back home with Sara B. and she got to sleep over...good times!

The photographer for this wedding was Allix Ruby; take a look at her work!

   Now, watch this beautiful video from the wedding and reception which Stephen Littmann created! I just loved watching Sarah's glowing expressions throughout it! So happy for them.

Cody & Sarah Wedding Trailer from Stephen Littmann on Vimeo.
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