October 7, 2014

Tamburitzans 78th season- MUST SEE!

 The Duquesne University Tamburitzans...America's premier folk ensemble!
Since 1937 this amazing group of college students has been faithfully performing the music and dances of Eastern Europe and neighbouring cultures.
   And...You don't want to miss their 78th season show! Check the schedule
to see if this group is coming to a place near you!

For those of you in Missouri/Illinois, I hope you can make it to the Granite City show on November 1st 2014!
We are so excited...the Tamburitzans have this priceless and timeless quality which makes every show their ''best'!!! This family-friendly show has something for everyone...whether you like classical music....folk music....elegant dancing....energetic dancing...classical dancing....the Tamburitzans are so diverse!

Pictures from this season's show!

As an example of what the Tamburitzans present, take a look at the blog posts I have written in the past!

Pictures from 75th season show!

Mazzou Memories: Tamburitzans
If you are indeed interested, you will want to call 
Norma Bellcoff at 618.978.1522 for ticket information!
This if for the Granite City November 1st show.
Tickets are $20 per person. (sorry to those of you who heard less; I just found out the tickets for this show went up in price). The show is 2 hours long! Intermission is 15 minutes,
 so we usually leave around 9:30 pm.
Our family makes this our special event of the year (we use money our Grandma sends for Christmas!) Although this is a great family event, you obviously don't have to all try it your first year...send one or two members
who are the most interested! And see what you think!

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