July 9, 2014

May 2014...many more memories!

Here is a link to the May 2014 album on Picasa if you don't have time to read this post!
trying an awkward 'hands in the air!' pose
Starting the post off with a bang! :) 
The first day of May our family went to the B's home to spend some fun hours with them! Did I mention how fun it was? Love them. :)
looking sane :)
We tried a human pyramid...always a lot of fun!
we look...terrifying!
I mean, look at Sam's gleaming red eyes and that cheesy grin! Nikola out-of-place enthusiastic. Jessie looks patient. Elodie looks lovely (no surprise). Alexa looks great. Alexandre looks mysterious. I'm not even trying.

That's better. I was suffering badly I'm afraid. I had just reached the point of pain. Someone's knee was right on the peak of my spine.
Early in May, there was another dance! Always delightful.
Yes, the black and white was planned. :)

Laura-Lise and Jessie

Talking with Brittany afterwards
this is the extent of my smile at 12 am, (otherwise known as midnight)

May 4th was our Dad's birthday! We did a little something for him that day, but did more on the 5th. Decorated the table rather elegantly. Many of us girls even dressed up in real outfits with shoes and jewelry! And after supper...we watched Cosby :) (big smile there)

(just getting you in the mood!) love it. :) 

Sam's flying squirrel makes another appearance. She and her babies actually come out several times a day. They are adorable. :) Alexandre says they keep him from sleeping at night though.

Valerie...Nikola took some random portraits of her one morning.

Later in May we attended the graduation party of David McDevitt. It was great to visit the McDevitt's place again! Our van was having problems on the way; Papa kept having to stop and let the radiator or something cool down. (okay, he did it once and we didn't really care 'cause it gave me more time to read this fun book I was reading aloud- Just 18 Summers)
Just 18 Summers
only 5 minutes away from our final destination however, the radiator-or-something needed another cooling moment (as in 20 minutes moment), so we pulled over. Most of us children (all of us in fact besides Valerie and our parents) restlessly decided we'd walk the rest of the way. We didn't get lost (incredible!) but by the time we'd triumphantly closed in on our destination, the van caught up with us. We entered our friends' driveway as our parent's did in the van. It must have looked rather odd.

feeding the goats

On May 12th, we had a little impromptu picnic on the shore of the Mississippi in honor of our dear friend Sara Burns' birthday! (her loving brother thought of this fun outing)
I love this place; our little bit of 'seaside' in Missouri!

the birthday girl

friends forever (we've been friends since we were 7! Definitely a tried and true friendship)

friends forever
I like Katia's expression as she watches Sara get the food out
we each brought a picnic lunch and dined upon the sandy shore

''oh look! it's a message in a...Steak n' Shake cup.

discussing weighty matters over tea
Jessie will not like this picture. Oops.

that's better
Nikola smiling...as usual!

still discussing interesting things
Nikola...still smiling
happy, windblown times

a little critter

As many of you know, I work at a wedding/reception venue and love it. :) 
Although I don't have much time for photography during the busy weddings, I was able to snap some pictures on the day Nikola and I went over to create the bouquets of roses for the next day's wedding!
tables ready for the wedding reception

Speaking of weddings, the ladies in our family went to a lovely bridal shower for Rachel Ascher, soon to be (and by now is!) Rachel Jones! The tables and repast were lovely, as was the bride-to-be. I only have one picture to share.
opening gifts, surrounded by loving sisters
Another day in May, while I was helping cook for a wedding at the afore-mentioned wedding venue, the rest of my family took off to near Farmington-area MO to cook for a friend's daughter's wedding reception! It sounded like a lot of fun.
family travels are always fun
the lovely setting for the wedding ceremony!

all ready for the reception! There was quite a variety of food: Fried chicken, Chinese rice and stuff, a Mexican taco bar, vegetable platters, fruit trays, etc. It was a small wedding, by the way. :)

Miss Katia matched the wedding colors perfectly
The reception. (yes, it was small)
The bride, Laura, and groom, Nick, cut the cake
And here we end up with the fun Memorial Day party at the Burnses! It was everything the photos show...lots of people, good food, great weather and crazy fun games! :)
Jesse in a tree
double swing (aka ''the courting swing''. And gracious- I'm not meaning the two pictured)

Memorial Day speeches and such. I'm seeing a lot of red white and blue here!

Joseph Santoyo and Peter Burns shared some thoughts
Chad Burns
M & J
....and now for the crazy games! As only the Burnses can invent!
dodgeball. I'm about to be killed. by our chiropractor, too! pitiful.

look at Emma sneaking off there
this is kind of funny. Joanna looks like she's posing for a fashion ad or something...the rest are just pell-mell. And red.

take a look at this video for a second...
See Chad run! 
Chad runs fast.
Play this video real loud and see how many of your family members think you're watching the Olympics or something. 

This is where you hope you're not seeing what you think your seeing. And you scroll down in the hopes of an explanation to such brutality. 
These brave fellows were not facing a firing squad. 
They were playing a game which is really too complicated to explain. Whew! How can I explain. Each fellow is the captain of a team and his one purpose and goal in life is to find his lucky stick which is secretly thrown at a random location on the field. Each fellow's teammates are permanently planted at various and sundry spots on the field and must scream themselves hoarse in the hopes that their captain can make his blind way to his magic stick before the other captains do.
That explanation will have to do. 
Take a look at this video. 
It's hilarious. 
I'm so mean. But Sam looks SO funny. 
Kind of like what I look like on Sunday mornings...

Tug of War. There were 4 teams, and my team championed!!! (hm-exactly how proud should I be of that?)
a random balloon-toss game
It's kind of like dancing.
But not. Anyhow, you choose a partner and stand across from eachother. 
Which makes it like the Virginia Reel.
if you catch the balloon, you stay in. If you don't, you're out. After each throw, the contestants have to widen the gap. Thus the challenge.

it was lovely to have the J's with us this year! (and not just because Brittany kindly took pictures for me while I played the games)
Brittany meeting Eve Burns. 
Ahh..at the end of May we had a little picnic at Forest Park with our (favorite ever) chiropractor friend before he moved to Florida (where is wife and little girl had already gone ahead and were staying with family)
I love Forest Park. I don't necessarily feel Missourian but I feel St. Louis-an for sure! 

picnicking...in crazy family style ;)

my siblings are odd

the sunshine is beautiful!
speaking of odd...just look at Alexandre's expression. Horrible.

Sam? Is everything alright?
ooh...the awkward moment where someone arrives late for a timed photo and decides they'll quickly join!

That's better. A good picture with our favorite chiropractor! We miss him already.
Forest Park at sunset- beautiful.

Ahh...May certainly was another ''blessed month''! I can't believe all the good things God gives us. 
Of course, we'd appreciate continued prayer that our Dad would find a job. 
But still, there's SO much to be thankful for. 
Need I say any more?
Have a blessed day, wherever you are!
Stay tuned for June! (the post, that is!) It's a busy one too. With two weddings! 

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