July 23, 2014

Discovering Elephant Rocks July 2014

   Following our walk at Hawn State Park, we consumed a picnic lunch (miracles happen, folks! as in the chicken salad I packed the previous morning stayed cold until the next afternoon! in July!),  
and then headed out to Elephant Rocks state park! 
At first, we were confused by how boring the rocks looked as we traversed the confusing maze of pathways...seriously, it looked just like the Zoo...but with no animals. 

Then we happened upon the point of the whole park! The lookout! This place is amazing. One could spend an entire day exploring amongst the massive rocks!
 Elodie and I managed to get ourselves a little lost, so I recommend you give yourself plenty of daylight hours, as we did!

birthday girl!

A proud moment to go down in history: I actually went through this here crack! Seriously!
This was during Elodie's and my little exploration. 

It looks just  Jordan or Israel! I love it!
I took these pictures, by the way. :) 
She fits through small cracks, too! Not a safe place during monsoons, I bet!



I LOVE this picture I took! :) 

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