March 31, 2014

The first month of 2014

January began on a good foot, literally. I was able to exercise outside every day including brisk jogs around our yard. Of course when it was snowy, I pulled little siblings around in sleds. Until they discovered how fun it was to sled down into our recently dug pond area! There was one lovely day. Sunny, blue, silent and very cold. Although I had no incentive to sled into the pond, I found plenty to do to keep toasty warm. Elodie came out and immediately began furiously bouncing around on the pogo stick. Before going inside I jogged until more than breathless. Dropping down in the snow I stared in delight at the spotless blue sky...what peace...

On the 3rd of Jan. Mum had to go to the optometrist. While she was gone we got started on the delightful art of pysanki! (painted eggs Ukrainian style!) We were studying Russia/Ukraine in the winter, and it we always love incorporating crafts and traditional food with our studies.
At first I was antsy, as I always am with crafts. (too many options...too little moving around) But five minutes in, and I was hooked. I gave my goose egg attention worthy of a masterpiece. Not saying it turned out as such. But it was so fun.

We all caught this unusual fever during the second week of January.
Yet they were some of my best memories of the year so far! We were all together in the living room with the fire blazing, the sunshine pouring in through the windows and the icing-like snow sparkling outside. We played board games and read and watched The Sound of Music, drank tea and consumed healthy snacks. :) Convalescing is such fun.
I finally read a book I bought last year: Journey Through the Night by Anne DeVries. LOVED it! It was the perfect book for convalescing since it was ''like a movie''! And a World War II one at that- my favorite. (especially when sick- don't ask me why. Actually, you can since I know why.)

I have NO more pics from January! Shocked? I am . 

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