March 4, 2014

A very fallish November 2013!

I know, Autumn seems so long ago...but I am up to posting about our family's November 2013.    Before November had barely begun, we celebrated yet another birthday- that of our own dear Mother! 
We decided upon a fall-ish approach again...based on an idea I had seen at a wedding at which I served, we put leaves (instead of the usual flowers) in glass containers and covered them with water. Topped with floating candles, it was beautiful! 

the leaves were hot-glued to the base of the glass container. But the glue came off and so we ended up with a slab of glue floating with the leaves attached. It looked like ice, so I look forward to trying this for a winter table some time.

One of the afternoons in November, we headed over to Fort Bellefontaine with our friends the Q. family to ramble and explore...besides take special portraits!

Busy Sam came along to enjoy the location and weather. He studied the whole time.
little lassies

Small Seren
she is so cute. There is just something about chubby-cheeked little blonde lassies...I love them so much and have ''no'' idea why. ;)
As I've said before, the location makes for the best pictures...add Autumn sunshine and sisters...and you have some of the best portraits of the year.

How does she do it?...
it must be the French blood. She has that natural style.

Zoe is Jessica's birthday twin! (although not sisters, they were born on the same day, the same year!) and we have enjoyed knowing her for these many years.

Thank you, Q. family for a special day with your special selves!

For Thanksgiving, we spent the afternoon/evening with some other dear friends at their home...they planned a delightful feast and celebration!

log tossing contest:

What is happening? Well...with Thanksgiving officially over, Nick decided it was fitting to dispose of his prize pumpkin which he had purchased over a month previous to the occasion. 
The best feasible way of ending the jolly vegetable's existence seemed to be a dramatic plunge from the lofty heights of the second-story window. No sooner discussed, but the plan was bravely carried out.

the owner of the pumpkin

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