January 11, 2014

My birthday- Colonial Malta

For my most recent birthday (way back in September), my Mum and sister Nikola created a little birthday world for me and all of us using a colour and style scheme which is dear to my heart. :) I don't know how they did it, but they created a Colonial world with a colourful and adventurous  flair, calling it ''Colonial Malta''. We dined on traditional and delicious meat dishes which our Mum made... and had a delightful day! The ''epic photo shoot'' pictures that we spent the afternoon doing will come soon. 

a sailboat with candles...lovely!

artichokes and olives!!! how quaint, green and delicious all in one! 
a new costume for one of my childhood favourite dolls
this is probably one of the best pictures I got of the whole colour/style scheme of my birthday! I am quite fond of it.

More (people) pictures to come! :) Just wanted to share these pictures quickly on this balmy Saturday. 

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