June 22, 2013

April 2013 dance practice with friends

I can't possibly cover our entire April in just one blog post, since we took a trip to Canada which lasted ten days...you don't have to be a whiz at math to get an inkling of how many photos we ended up with...5 cameras (8 photographers), over a thousand miles travelled, ten days together with nothing better to do but smile for the camera...and to top it off, a beautiful wedding of friends! So don't blame me if it takes me a little longer to start sharing pictures from that part of April!

Besides our trip, the highlight of April was a dance with friends! Although the last dance of the season is always a little bit sad, it was a fun night- of course.
 (you were about to imagine us all moping about, weren't you?)

 We did mostly, if not entirely, International dances since that was the theme of the upcoming ball...but we also did a new one entitled ''Irish Washerwoman'', which became an instant new favourite! :) And ''Ship's Cook'' is always great. We also did ''Circle Waltz Mixer'' which I find delightful since I love waltzing! (and...even teaching my partners who don't know how to!) and of course..''Duke of Kent's Waltz''!

preparing to learn ''Irish Washerwoman

My sister Elodie took many of the pictures you will see in this post...I think she took all the portrait-ish ones!

Duke of Kent's Waltz

Andrew...with what appears to be a small fairy flitting around behind (Or through?) the tripod

Ashley, Micaiah


I love sepia pictures! As you can tell, since that's how I edit many of them!
Darcie and Jeremy

A dramatic pose. Looks like a dramatic play...
My Dad plays volleyball with intensity
boys lining up before speed volleyball
Miciah sneaks a tasty morsel of apple before the game commences

Meghan shares a tragic tale....I just thought this pic. funny, Meg! :) 
Hope you don't mind. 
Tim was a little tired....
if you look closely, you can see a ghost of a ball behind his front foot which explains everything about this picture. you're welcome!

some people have energy far into the night!
L-L and E playing with a favourite breed of puppy- Australian Shepherd! which was brought by other friends. I love the expression of my sister which is almost like the puppy's!

Okay...since the 10th-21st of April was filled with travelling and Canada stuff, this post will conclude .....NOW!

..Until next time, friends!

Have a great day!

(with the rainstorm that we had today- today being June 22nd I think- I call today fabulous. There's nothing like dancing in the rain! :) )

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