September 22, 2011

August 2011: Chad and Angie's wedding...some pictures!

Saturday, Aug. 20th:
Arriving early at the impressive church where the wedding was to be held, we (several Burnses and my sister and I) got to look around some, marvelling at the brilliant stain glass windows, vaulted ceiling, elegant ironwork and lanterns, beautiful organ, and more.
We also took a little wallk around the church and down the road a little before it began raining slightly

Side of the church
Walking together

Here is little Abigail again- isn't she cute! What a DARLING yawn. I wish I looked that sweet when I yawn...

Abigail's parents- Matthew and Lisa (Lisa is the sister of the groom)

My friend Sara (Chad's sister) getting her hair done by a friend of Angie's.

And, below, Sara walking up the aisle: (sorry about the red-eye)

The bridesmaid's gowns were lovely!

Four flower girls! (sisters)

The entrance of the bride:
Angie looked radiant as she came up the aisle on her father's arm!

At the front of the church

Exchanging vows

Mr and Mrs. Chad Burns!!!
Maid of honor Nina (Angie's sister) and Peter B.

Sara B and Aaron B

Parents of the groom (sorry so dark!)

The happy couple had a receiving line to dismiss guests

Outside the church afterwards:
And.... 'tis ourselves! Elodie, Jessie, Sam, Me, Valérie, Nikola,
and in front: Katia, Laura-Lise and Alexandre.

We certainly enjoyed ourselves!
And, if you like, Reception pictures to follow! I guess I'm just having fun sharing these pictures with everyone of  this memorable and beautiful time!
I hope all enjoy these pictures, whether you are Burnses, wedding guests, friends unable to make it to the wedding or  interested blog readers!

Have a good day!
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